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From My Window: Relevant Expressions of an Ordinary Woman. (faith reviews).

From My Window: Relevant Expressions of an Ordinary Woman by Felicia T. Scott Isaki Communications, September 2001 $14.95, ISBN 0-970-48980-3

Scott's collection of poems and personal essays is a testament to the therapeutic value of keeping a journal. For the author, writing proved to be her salvation, helping her through depression and other troubles. With a sense of vulnerability, From My Window takes readers on a journey through the writer's moments of uncertainty, through various stages of self-awareness and ultimately discovering life's universal truths. Scott's writing, which sometimes takes the form of vignettes and daily meditative thoughts, speaks to the inevitability of pain and disappointment. In coping with those disappointments, she reminds, "God has provided everything you need to make it."

In a section entitled "Eve-o-lutions," Scott's poems offer portraits of women dealing with unresolved emotional baggage from their past, along with the strength and support that women can provide for each other. She honors her own family's matrilineal strength in "I Come." And in "Bittersweet Sistah," Scott sketches a portrait of a woman unable to move beyond the pain of her hardened heart.

The book is anchored by a voice that is familiar with the territory--spiritual truth-telling--yet the language often falls short, lacking rhythm and insight that could breathe new life into spiritual wisdom. There is a certain naivete in Scott's approach. For example, "There are certain things we all experience, regardless of our differences. I call these equalizing factors," she writes, as if calling shared experiences "equalizing factors" is novel. However, what the writing lacks in maturity, Scott makes up for in her bold approach to conquering her fears. Her journey is instructive to African Americans in overcoming cultural obstacles to a healthy spirituality and living a more fulfilling life.

--Nadine Mozon is a writer and actor based in New York City.
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Author:Mozon, Nadine
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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