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From Lise Anglin re definition of marriage. (Letters to the Editor).

The November issue of C.I., contained much worthwhile discussion about the definition of marriage and looming threats from judges and politicians to change that definition in defiance of the natural law. The proposed insanity whereby "sodomite unions" would be equal in law to the holy state of matrimony, constitutes not only an insult but also an injustice to those men and women who, throughout centuries, have sacrificed so much in order to raise, love, and educate children.

To place the sterile and selfish sensuality of homosexuals on a par with the fecund and generous self-giving of parents makes a mockery of that quiet, long-suffering heroism known to many of us as Mom and Dad.

Toronto, ON
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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