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From Lise Anglin re Cardinal's Dinner. (Letters to the Editor).

I beg to differ with the anonymous author of the archdiocesan release of October 1, regarding the intention of those who protested the choice of John Turner as Chair of the Cardinal's Dinner. According to the release (quoted in the November issue of C. I., p.5), the protesters "sought to cast doubt" on the pro-life commitment of their Archdiocese in Toronto. In other words, the protesters were malicious.

Possible, I suppose, but unprovable. Equally plausible is the interpretation that the protesters believe the Cardinal to be genuinely pro-life. Therefore, in the spirit of humble fraternal correction (Matthew 18:15-18), they wanted to draw attention to an action that would be inconsistent with that commitment.

Toronto, ON
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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