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From Jim Glover re pro-life tactics. (Letters to the Editor).

Over the course of the last month much attention has been directed at how pro-lifers should change their tactics about getting their message across to the general public concerning the horrors of abortion.

As I stood in prayerful meditation during Canada's annual Life Chain on Sunday October 4,1 reflected on words written in the North Bay and Area Right to Life newsletter by president Deacon Eugene Perabo. His words conveyed the hopeful thought that more parish priests would come forward and express their support and involvement by saying, "I believe in the sanctity of life and I know that what is needed is more than words; it's action. Count me in."

The catch word "action" impressed me to the point of believing that not only is it the moral responsibility of priests to have an impact on the abortion issue, but also required is a response on the part of church organizations who give us our Catholic identity. With that thought in mind, I humbly submit a challenge to the Ontario Knights of Columbus State Deputy Grand Knight to become a prominent force in the eradication of abortion from this province.

The battle plan would require the determination, dedication, and backbone of between 500 to 1000 Knights of Columbus members to assemble before Morgentaler's abortion clinic in Toronto to break the sidewalk picketing injunction. I know that the Knights are already involved in efforts to assist with various pro-life funding projects. I am asking our Catholic brothers to make the necessary sacrifice to stand firm in their conviction.

I would ask any Knight of Columbus member to give contemplative thought to such a proposal, with the understanding that the evil wrought by the Father of Lies will only be conquered when valiant men are prepared to stand united to fight for their principles and justice.

Sturgeon Falls, ON
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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