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From Jim Glover re Show the Truth. (Letters to the Editor).

A sincere thank you to Grace Petrasek for her timely article (May 2003), in her candid explanation of Show the Truth. The caption below the title "the Courage to be pro-life" is a refreshing breath of fresh air to those dedicated men, women and children who care about the most defenceless persons being destroyed in their mothers' wombs. The beauty of the article is that it expresses the views of many grass-root pro-lifers who have had to bear criticism over the gruesome-ness of the photos among the rank and file of the pro-life movement. To any individuals opposed to such pictures I would ask them to reach a compromise to discover an openness to whatever means other groups are using for the common good of defending life.

Participants of Show the Truth tours have developed this means of educating the general public by being warriors in the service of Truth and not diplomats seeking to reach a compromise with the world. Bargaining with evil is not part of their game plan when innocent children are being sacrificed at the hands of abortionists.

In my opinion, I would be remiss if I did not mention the valiant efforts of a heroine on the Canadian pro-life scene in defence of this worthwhile cause. Mrs. Rosemary Connell is the tireless human heartbeat of this organization, along with her committed associates at eradicating abortion. I would be privileged to have the acquaintance of this lady or those of her friends to sit side by side with them in any police cruiser or courtroom of our province in the remarkable work that they have taken to save babies.

My thoughts and prayers are with this group in the sincere hope that the injunction at the Morgentaler clinic in Toronto will be broken, accompanied by those disturbingly graphic pictures.

Sturgeon Falls, ON
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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