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From ILO standards to EU law; the case of equality between men and women at work.


From ILO standards to EU law; the case of equality between men and women at work.

Landau, Eve C. and Yves Beigbeder.

Martinus Nijhoff Publishers


340 pages




The 1957 Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community addressed gender equality in a provision calling for equal pay for men and women for equal work, but the provision was seen as having an economic rationale and not being an issue of rights. Eventually, however, equality came to be seen as a fundamental right and principle of European Community law and is now enshrined in the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights. Landau (law, Webster U. Geneva, Switzerland) and Beigbeder (a legal counsel for international civil servants) examine this change, in particular examining the impact of International Labour Organisation standards of equality, which were elaborated as early as 1951 and 1958 in two major Conventions (maternity protection was addressed as far back as 1919), on European Union legislation and case law, particularly in reference to principles of equal pay for work of equal value, equal treatment in all conditions of work, reconciliation of the dual role of women at home and at work, protection of pregnancy and maternity, and the abolition of protective measures that have lost their purpose such as the ban on night work for women and the prohibition of women workers in underground mines. In addition to comparing the substantive rules of ILO standards and the social acquis communautaire of the EU, they examine the impact of the ILO tripartite system of representatives of governments, employers, and employees on the procedures adopted by EU legislation. Martinus Nijhoff is an imprint of Brill.

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