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From Genius Loci/Da 'o ggeniuslo.

 gone through the air, topsy-turvy, emerged from concrete, the head on
vacation and vacant to do something idiotic with a corpse-heap, flesh,
and a massacre create carnage and a carnage shop: a charnal house (and
those photos with "daddy don't speed"): pa, pa:
topsy-turvy the tiny traps, the automobiles as they come--gone through
the air--which desired to dive repeatedly into the skein of the streets,
to swarm, with the reckless body that not even tigers have ever attained
... or was it the beast's nail, the slash, do you see? that reveals
the age of sheet metal ... The game, it was the game, it was the caprice
when tender cartilage pours out, the play of the moment, the excess
thickness ... The burning out, was, in the fall: ue: the headlong tumble
on the highway: by chance, accidentally: ue: lost the haughtiness of
paint: to make silent rubble truly
a roll of the dice (you already know this, my reader) will never abolish
chance even if you are clever qualified soothsayer sly fox machiavellian
trotter trapper steady levelheaded wise dried withered strong hunchback
graceful drunk avid avaricious terrified loafer braggart eccentric
infatuated out-of-tune boorish is it like this?
 jute pe' 11'aira, sottencopppa, asciute d'asfardo
c"a capa 'nvacanza e vacante a ffa' nu stracchimpacchio
'e carnumma ciacella accedetorio, a ffa' maciello e chianca:
na carnara (e chelli ffoto cu "papa nun correre"): pa pa:
sottencoppa 'e ttrappulelle, ll'automobbile a sanfaso,
pe' 11'aria jute, ca tenevano 'a voglia 'e fa'
tuffi 'int" o gliommero d"e vvie 'e 'nzama,
c"o puzzuoteco cuorpo ca manco 'e ttigre 11'hanno maje
alcanzato ... o era 'n' ogn"e bbelva 'a sguarratura
c"o vvi? ll'eta appalesa d"e rrammere ... 'O juoco,
fuje 'o juoco, fuje 'o sfizio 'e quann'esce 'a
tennerumma, 'o junco 'e ll'attimo, 'a troppa
Fittezza ... 'O ffulminarse, fuje, dint"o scapizzo: ue:
'a caperitommola 'ncopp"a 11'autostrada:
p'accadenza, scasualmente: ue: perduto 'o scemanfu 'e
vernice: a ffa' ruvine zitte overamente
'nu colpo 'e dadi (lettore mio ggia saje) nu levarra maje a
mieze 'a scasualita pure si si deritto alleziunato strologo
marpione macchiaviello truttato trastulante pusato quatrato abbasato
asciutto sicco turzuto scartellato aggrazziato 'mbriaco speruto
pirchio appaurato sfatecato smargiasso strampalato 'nnammuraticcio
stunato scrianzato e o ve? 

Translated by Jacob Blakesley
COPYRIGHT 2011 University of Chicago
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Author:Baino, Mariano
Publication:Chicago Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2011
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