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Relationships between Kurds and their neighbours were improving -- the power of the tribal chiefs (Shaikhs and Aghas) had diminished sufficiently for the Iraqi government to relax its attitude and policies toward them.


Tower blocks, shopping centres and highways were springing up all over the city of Caracas as it reaped the rich rewards of the oil boom. However, this legitimate growth went hand in hand with the spread of shanty towns -- over a quarter of its two million plus population lived in these squatter settlements.


Greece, Spain and Portugal were setting their sights on entering the EEC, having recently emerged from their right-wing dictatorships. Their joining was seen as important to the EEC, but they faced a barrier: the CAP was geared to benefit the northern farmers of dairy, meat and cereal rather than the fruit and wine producers of the south.

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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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