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From Father P. Wallace Platt, c.s.b. re Good Bye, Good Men. (Letters to the Editor).

It is regrettable that your reviewer of Good Bye, Good Men, John O'Brien (C.I., Sept 2000, pp.43-44) should have fallen into the same error as Michael Rose, the author of the book. Mr. O'Brien takes the book as entirely truthful, without questioning for a moment the possibility of error or false reporting, just as Mr. Rose in various cases failed to check his sources, and as a result has damaged the reputation of various seminaries, seminarians, and seminary faculty.

The American College at Louvain is a case in point. The presentation of this institution in the book, specifically referred to by Mr. O'Brien, is entirely false. The case reported by an expelled student was accepted, unquestioned. The misrepresentation has been documented and the documentation published. (See "A Question of Integrity Michael Rose and the American College of Louvain," by Brian Saint-Paul, in Crisis, Sept. 2002, pp.32-7). Playing fast and loose with the reputations of seminaries is hardly helpful to readers or to the Christian community in general.

The American College Leuven, Belgium
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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