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From Dr. Robert Walley, president of Mater Care International on the new abortion law in Australia.

This Australian law (*see note below) should leave no one with any doubts about the enormity of the situation faced by Catholic ob/gyns and indeed other medical professionals worldwide, and is the most serious challenge we have faced in years. It is a form of institutionalised totalitarianism that wants to force us to deny our conscience. They want us to become agents of death and it seems to be to be a well co-ordinated effort, as similar attacks on a basic human right is occurring around the world (Canada, UK, the USA). Governments, with the aid of professional agencies and pro-choice groups want control of our practices, simply because most doctors will not do abortions. Having "won" the abortion-practice argument they see a precedent has been set and the next step will be to force all doctors to provide physician-assisted suicide services and this will not be in the distant future either. The future for us, and therefore mothers and babies, families, societies and the Church is bleak. We are facing persecution. This has been the experience of the Church through the ages but the consequences have always been that the Church (and we are the Church) just got stronger simply because we have Truth and Rightness on our side.

The meeting we will have in Rome next month will be pivotal for Mater Care International and its future and indeed for all Catholic doctors and FIAMC. The Church cannot simply adopt an ostrich approach, and allow us to be fed to the wolves. However, we must stand up professionally and publicly with courage and determination to counter this evil. I realise that this may have grave effects on our careers but we cannot just attend another "talking shop," albeit in Rome. It was the late Holy Father, John Paul II, at our first meeting in 2001, who commented that this was not just a job for a few ob/gyns but was for the whole Church. We need support from the top down. I believe that there is a constituency of support for our position. If we do not act there will be many including colleagues, especially medical students and residents, who could end up acutely disappointed, disillusioned and wondering what they should do. If we do not do something we may all be called to account by the Lord.

Jose Maria has written to the Pope and we are organising a press conference in Rome to address these issues.

These events test our trust in the Lord and His Mother whom we serve. She asked the waiters at the marriage feast of Cana to "Do whatever he tells you". That we will. God bless us all

St. John's, NL

Note: On October 10, 2008 the Australian Parliament passed a new "reformed" abortion law by a vote of 23-17. Amendments are usually put forward for debate, but even the amendments have been defeated including the heinous partial birth abortion procedure, where the infant is pulled out feet first, with only the head remaining in the birth passage, then the base of its skull is pierced with scissors and its brains suctioned out, thus delivering a dead baby, and therefore stillborn. Even this horror is now legalized. Catholic/Christian doctors cannot exercise their conscience over this matter; they must refer their patient to an abortionist even if they themselves do not want to perform one. So they must collude. All other medical professionals will also be affected. (Submitted by Anne Lastman)

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Author:Walley, Robert
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2008
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