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From Deacon Daniel Dauvin re Msgr. Foy.

I was so happy to receive Msgr. Foy's book entitled Birth Control: Is Canada out of step with Rome? "Out of step" is putting it politely. This little volume is small but it puts it all in one place. It is a foundation on which we can continue the struggle to annihilate the Winnipeg Statement. It is a dynamite that now has to be set where it can have the greatest impact.

How grateful we should be for Msgr. Foy's long untiring struggle with the culture of death and the courage he has shown and is showing in defence of the papal encyclical Humanae vitae and the proclamation of life in all its dimensions, despite too many dissenting and feet-dragging Canadian pastors and shepherds.

This subterfuge, the Winnipeg Statement, has to be exposed for what it is: an unholy admixture of secular humanism and moral relativism disguising itself as Catholic teaching and loving pastoral directives. In contrast the clarity of reason and purity of faith are evident in Msgr. Foy's attempt to unmask the hypocrisy of the Winnipeg Statement. Hopefully, some day soon, the shameful pall that has remained on the Church since 1968 because of this ungodly statement will be removed. Praise God for seasoned warriors like Vincent (meaning "conquering" in Latin) Foy. Coraggio! We are behind you.

Round Lake, ON
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Author:Dauvin, Deacon Daniel
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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