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From David Davies, St. Michael's '70, re Double Blue Newsletter.

St. Michael's College is no longer Catholic. Its spring 2004 Alumni Newsletter confirms that it is an ideological extension of the University of Toronto, not a Catholic leavening of an atheistic loaf. Our actions express our beliefs. St. Mike's chooses to celebrate its alumni who are least Catholic. Lesbians on the inside. Paul Martin on the cover.

Martin should get the cover; after all, he celebrates abortion rights over a baby's right to life, homosexual rights over religious rights (think Bill C-250), and the Liberal Party over good government for Canadians.

St. Mike's still plays to the nostalgia of its graduates. The back cover features Father Robert Madden looking wonderfully avuncular appealing for donations--donations to support a college that allows a homosexual student organization while opposing its pro-life Catholic students. Giving a full page to the appointment of Archbishop Michael Miller, CSB, as Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education does provide balance. But I really do not want 'balance,' I want Catholic. I want crucifixes in the classrooms. I want education in the service of truth. I do not want or expect secular humanism.

Graduates like Paul Martin, our Prime Minister, and University of Toronto President Robert Birgeneau, are an embarrassment to St. Mike's, not an adornment. While students at St. Michael's College, they either did not learn their faith or they were not confirmed in their faith. The fact that they do not live their faith, or choose to interpret their faith how they prefer, brings disrepute to them. Their promotion by St. Michael's brings disrepute to St. Michael's. [Editor: see News in Brief, p. 35]

Orangeville, ON
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Title Annotation:Letters to the Editor
Author:Davies, David
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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