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From Bertrand Blais re Quebec redefining marriage. (Letters to the Editor).

On the subject of same-sex marriage (July/August, pp.31-32), permit me to set down certain observations. In Quebec, the law on same-sex marriage was adopted unanimously by the elected members of the Quebec National Assembly. Not even one of them had the noble mind to raise the least objection.

Ten years ago when Premier Jacques Parizeau debated the question with his deputies, several of them opposed it on the grounds that those people (sodomites) were sick people who needed medication, not "toleration."

This time no one had the political courage to raise an objection. Justice Minister Paul Begin has said that his redefinition in the Quebec Civil Code was his greatest achievement, of which he is "most proud."

All Satan's hords are now jeering anew: "Crucify Him!"

Quebec, QC
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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