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From A to Z both sides now.

Scrabble players like words that can have a letter hooked at the front or end, because it often allows an otherwise unplayable bingo (bonus word) to be placed on the board. Being aware of front hooks like A/GLIMMER, F/ACTUAL, M/ORALLY, S/UNHAT and X/EROTIC, and end hooks like HARMONIC/A, OUTWIN/G, PREWAR/M, SUBPAR/T and QUART/Z can mean the difference between winning and losing. Some words can take an identical letter at the front or end, for example HOY can be converted to AHOY or HOY A, ALAR to MALAR or ALARM and ARROW to YARROW or ARROWY.

This article examines a different type of double-hook word, where the same letter is added simultaneously at the front and end to form a new word. Examples: EVE + L = LEVEL, CART + E = ECARTE, EAST + Y = YEASTY, RABBIN + G = GRABBING, ALLELUIA + H = HALLELUIAH.

The single hooks EVEL, ECART, EASTY, GRABBIN, RABBING and HALLELUIA are not allowed in Scrabble.

The first line of the following twenty-six rhyming couplets contains a word from the international reference Collins Official Scrabble Words (COSW). The second line uses a simultaneous front and end hook of this word, progressively moving from an A to a Z example. All key-words are listed in COSW, except FUNF, JAKAJ, QOREQ, VAZOV, XANAX and ZMUDZ.

My thanks to fellow Scrabbler and word lover Murray Rogers of Takaka, New Zealand, for the idea that inspired this article.

CALCULI in the kidneys is bad; ACALCULIA means you can't add.

Playing the LUR can really disturb, According to Danish musical BLURB.

Sipping LAS SI helps me to think; The yoghurt makes a CLASSIC drink.

If you EMOTE too much at work, You'll be DEMOTED by those you irk.

A DUCAT for your greenhouse gases? I'd rather EDUCATE the masses.

UN is for 'one' in dialect jive; FUNF is the German word for 'five'.

UNDO the catch and solve the puzzle, Of why the GUNDOG has a muzzle.

EIGHT tall soldiers led the men; The HEIGHTH of one was six foot ten!

And then to MAR the peaceful scene, An IMARI vase smashed the screen.

The AKA is a New Zealand vine, Not known in JAKAJ or Palestine.

The I0S rang out in a blast, When we reached the KIOSK at last.

You ENTICE young students to learn, With LENTICEL, xylem and fern.

"Use the ANTRA in your head", Was a MANTRAM the doctor said.

There's always a EURO to gain, And a NEURON to spare in the brain.

VERD antique is a mottled stone; Don't OVERDO the greenish tone.

A REAM of paper could be used, To get the PREAMP din de-fused.

Can't find the ORE in Iran? Try QOREQ in Afghanistan.

We EVOLVE from savage to man, With a REVOLVER and a plan.

The TINGLES in my swollen knee, Tell me it wasn't a STINGLESS bee.

The old RICKLE stood by the Tay; A mere TRICKLET washed it away.

Don't bump and BUNT your way through life; Show some UBUNTU in the face of strife.

Nitrogen's found in a red AZO dye; That's a line to make Ivan VAZOV cry.

HE struggled gamely up the hill; WHEW! The winter breeze was chill.

ANA Ivanovic is a Serb tennis star; No need for XANAX to take her far.

Said the EARL of York most sincerely, "I only tax the peasants YEARLY".

The Balts fought on through MUD and gore; In direful ZMUDZ they cursed and swore.

Definitions From The Chambers Dictionary, 11th Edition, 2008, unless noted otherwise.
 ANTRA        cavities CALCULI      kidney stones DUCAT        old
European coin IMARI        Japanese porcelain IOS          cries of joy
JAKAJ        town in Albania (Geonames online database) LASSI
cold drink made with yoghurt LENTICEL     breathing pore in bark LUR
old Scandinavian trumpet MANTRAM      mantra PREAMP       preamplifier
in sound system QOREQ        town in Afghanistan (Geonames online
database) RABBIN       rabbi RICKLE       rickety structure UBUNTU
humanity and compassion VAZOV        Ivan, Bulgarian poet, 1850-1921
(Wikipedia) XEROTIC      abnormally dry YARROW       strop-scented plant
ZMUDZ        dialect of Lithuanian (Webster's 2nd edition,


Hastings, New Zealand
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