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Frock of ages; Shereen Low reviews the coming trends in 2004.

Byline: Shereen Low

COME on, own up. If your wardrobe is made up of combat trousers, tweed jackets and 80s fashions-including bright pink leggings and electric blue leg-warmers that you'velived in this season -then it's time to revamp your look for 2004.

But where do you start and what should you chuck? After all, trends come and go,and most of us havediscardedan item of clothing, only for it to makeacomebacklater on.

With the post-Christmas sales underway, featuring discounts on the season's trends, this is the perfect time to sort out your wardrobe. And it means the end has finally come for military-influenced fashion -combats are so yesterday along with anything 80s in style, and tweed.

But,if you want to lead the way this season, invest in a trench coat. Elle Macpherson, StellaMcCartney and Madonna all chose trenches in classicblack. For timeless trench coat styles,head toAquascutum, Burberry and Pringle, although Esprit has great designs at high street prices.

Skinny jeans are out in favour of faded, wider- legged ones in a 70s style. Make sure they're slim at the hips and get wider at thebottom.

Get your pair fromLevi's and Miss Sixty. Levi's 557 SquareFit (pounds 55 -call 020 7292 2500 or visit sits low on the hips and is available now. Miss Sixty's essential range, Tommy,has a wide variety of wide legged jeans (from pounds 60 -call 0870 7516040),and the new collection boasts dark denim wide-legged jeans (also from pounds 60). Kylie Minogue, Anna Kournikova and EmmaThompson may have unwittingly set a new trend when they wore green dresses at various events during the winter.

But if you aren't a fan of green, don't despair as there is abigmetallic theme -so opt for anything that is sparkly, shimmery or sequinned in pale pink or flesh hues, preferably in satin or chiffon. It also looks like America will be making its mark on the fashion world next season -pointy cowboy boots arebacken vogue, a trend which VictoriaBeckhamhas already taken to. It's time to dig out your cowboy and moccasin boots because they will bebignext season too. They'll be even more popular this year because they a rejust so easy to wear --and they were featured by Anna Molinari and Jean PaulGaultier.

Other trends to look out for include snake print and mad, tropical,Pucci-like prints.

Office's Josie green, mocksnakeprint platform sandal (pounds 79.99 -call 08450 580 777 or visit covers three trends in one, and make sure you also check out Faith's Crilly peep-toed heels with circular print, pounds 50 (visit

KateKubaalsohas somecolourful offerings. Its platform sandal (pounds 69 -call 0207 272 7750) is available in canary yellow and tropical fuchsia, and is sure to brighten up your life.

And in the green corner is Kylie Minogue (right)in an eye-catching short green dress while Anna Kournikova (left) prefers her shade of green to favour lime while (above) Stella McCartney featured this emerald short dress in her spring/summer 2004 ready-to-wear collectionLook out for bright colours in 2004 and Kate Kuba's platform sandal in canary yellow and tropical fuchsia (above) are just the thing and Elle MacPherson knows that the trench coat is a stylish look this year while Faith's Crilly peep- toed heels (right) with circular print is sure to turn anyone into a scene-stealer in 2004


Victoria Beckham wears American cowboy boots which look to be another trend for the coming months; Combats and military influenced fashion (above) is over and OUT while wide- legged jeans such as these by Miss Sixty (right)are IN
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 10, 2004
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