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Fritz Walker receives 2008 FSCT George Baugh Heckel Award: major industry awards presented at FutureCoat! 2008.

The FSCT presented Dr. Fritz Walker, intellectual asset manager, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., with the 2008 George Baugh Heckel Award at the organization's Annual General Meeting, on October 14, 2008, in Chicago.



The most prestigious of FSCT awards, the Heckel Award recognizes the outstanding contributions that an individual has made to the organization's interest and prestige.

A member of FSCT and the Philadelphia Society for many years, Dr. Walker has been actively involved in many committees and activities. He served as president of the FSCT from 2004-2005. His extensive contributions include leading the FSCT's Structure and Governance Task Force which was responsbile for the restructuring of the organization. He also served as chair for the Professional Development Committee and as a long-time member of the Publications Committee and the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research.

In addition to the presentation of the Heckel Award, the FSCT featured other major presentations and awards at FutureCoat! The following were among the highlights of the 2008 events.

John A, Gordon Best Paper Award

The John A. Gordon Award recognizes the best paper presented during the FutureCoat! program based on new and original scientific content and presentation effectiveness. It commemorates the contributions of John A. Gordon to the coatings profession.

The 2008 John A. Gordon Best Paper Awards were given to:

FIRST PLACE: "Nanoparticle Size Acrylic Latex Blends: How Crosslinking, Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution Influences Latex Film Formation, Fundamental and End Use Properties and Latex Morphology"--Ravi Joshi and Frank Jones, Eastern Michigan University; and Theodore Provider, Polymer and Coatings Consultants


"Silicone Resins Containing Polystyrene and Poly (t-butyl acrylate) Grafts as Fouling Release Coatings for Marine Applications"--Mohammed Nasrullah and Dean Webster, North Dakota State University

"Evaluating Fouling-Resistance and Fouling-Release Performance of Smart Polyurethane Surfaces: An Outlook for Efficient and Environmentally Benign Marine Coatings"--Ravi Joshi, Achin Goel, Vijay Mannari, John Finlay, Maureen Callow, and James Callow, Eastern Michigan University

Roon Foundation Awards

The Roon Awards, established by the late Leo Roon and administered by the CIEF, are for the best technical papers entered in the Roon competition and submitted for presentation at Future-Coat! by individuals associated with the organic coatings industry. The following presentations were recognized for their novel research efforts:

FIRST PLACE: "Novel, Environmentally Friendly Antimicrobial Coatings Derived from Biocide-Functional Acrylic Polyols and Isocyanates"--Alex Kugel, Laura Jarabek, Justin Daniels, Lyndsi Vander Wal, Scott Ebert, Michael Jepperson, Shane Stafslien, Robert Pieper, Dean Webster, James Bahr, and Bret Chisholm, North Dakota State University

SECOND PLACE: "Confocal Raman Microscopy Study of the Distribution of Melamine in Polyester-Melamine Coil Coatings"--Wanrui Zhang and Ray Smith, the University of London; and Chris Lowe, Becker Industrial Coatings.

A.L. Hendry Award

Sponsored by a grant from the Southern Society, the Alfred L. Hendry Award recognizes outstanding research by undergraduate or Master Degree students. The 2008 winning paper was awarded to Vinod Kakde and Vijay Mannari of Eastern Michigan University. Their paper discussed hybrid pretreatments for aluminum alloys used in aerospace applications.

Poster Session Awards

The Poster Session is designed to provide a noncommercial arena for new ideas, new techniques, preliminary results, work that is significant but not ready for full publication, and results or ideas that do not fit normal publication criteria. Prizes are awarded for student posters based on criteria such as relevance, originality, historical research, idea development, clarity of data, conclusions, and presentation.

At the undergraduate/Master/young Ph.D graduate level, the following prizes were awarded:

FIRST PLACE: Hong Xu, North Dakota State University--"Effects of Pigment Volume Concentration on the Reaction Mechanisms of Mg Alloy Pigmented Primer"

SECOND PLACE: Senthilkumar Rengasamy, Eastern Michigan University--"Novel Bio-based Polyols for Sustainable Coatings Applications"

THIRD PLACE: Nikhil Tambe, Eastern Michigan University--"Superprimers from Nanolatexes of Reactive Ionic Liquid Surfactant Copolymers"

Three prizes were also awarded at the senior Ph.D graduate/post-doctoral level:

FIRST PLACE: Xiaodong Shi, North Dakota State University--"Thermally Induced Relaxation of Coating Scratches and Defects"

SECOND PLACE: Robert Pieper, North Dakota State University--"Design of Zwitterionic/Amphiphilic Penta-block Copolymer Acrylic-Urethane Coating for the Application of Fouling-Release Marine Coatings"

THIRD PLACE: Stacy Sommer, North Dakota State University--"Fouling Release Performance of Siloxane-Urethane Coatings Prepared with Siloxane Macromers"

FutureCoat! 2008 Awards and Presentations

First Place Poster Award in the graduate poster category is presented by Li-Piin Sung to Hong Xu, North Dakota State University.


Second Place Poster Award in the graduate poster category is presented by Dr. Sung to Senthilkumar Rengasamy, Eastern Michigan University.


Receiving the Third Place Poster Award in the graduate poster category from Dr. Sung is Nikhil Tambe, Eastern Michigan University.


The First Place Poster Award in the doctoral/post-doctoral category is presented by Li-Piin Sung to Xiaodong Shi, North Dakota State University.


Dr. Sung presents the Second Place Poster Award in the doctoral/post/doctoral category to Robert Pieper, North Dakota State University.

The Third Place Poster Award in the doctoral/post-doctoral category is presented by Dr. Sung to Stacy Sommer, North Dakota State University.


Winners of the First Place Roon Award for their paper on "Novel, Environmentally Friendly Antimicrobial Coatings Derived from Biocide-Functional Acrylic Polyols and Isocyanates" include (from left): Bret Chisholm, Alex Kugel, Dean Webster, and Robert Pieper, North Dakota State University.


Dr. Sayed-Sweet thanks John Mikan for his informative Keynote Address.


At the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 14, FSCT President Yasmin Sayed-Sweet recognizes John Cox and members of the Chicago Society for their outstanding efforts in support of FutureCoat!


The FutureCoat! Technical Focus Lecture, given by Timothy Long, focused on "Nanostructured Block Copolymer Coatings with Inspiration from Biology: Taking Advantage of Hydrogen Bonding and Electrostatic Interactions."



On behalf of the Mattiello Memorial Lecture Committee, Dean Webster (left) congratulates Fritz Walker on the honor of being named Mattiello Lecturer for 2008.


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