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Friends of the Chicago River - Stream Habitat Structures and Substrates Installation.

Friends of the Chicago River will use a $175,000 grant to install 33 in-stream habitat structures and substrates that will enhance populations of fish and other aquatic life along a half-mile reach of the Chicago River main stem. Project participants will fabricate and install several innovative structural designs on seawalls and other edifices in the river to accommodate the needs of fish at various life-cycle stages. The substrates and structures will provide a foundation for the establishment of desirable plants, algae and macroinvertebrates as well as resting and foraging habitat for largemouth bass, yellow bullhead, bluegill, green sunfish and other fish. By adding structural complexity, spawning habitat, food resources, and refuge, this project will make the river system in downtown Chicago more hospitable to many fish species and lead to improved angling opportunities for local communities.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 20, 2014
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