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Friends of NCR.

September 26, 2003

Dear Friends of NCR,

Thank you for your generous support during the past 12 months. It has been a rewarding year at NCR. Curiously, warfare and domestic uncertainties have reminded me to take nothing for granted. This includes the many dedicated people--people like the Friends of NCR--who give of themselves each day to make the world a better place to live. Admittedly, it is easy, at times, to get discouraged, to wonder if we will make a difference, if the reign of God will ever come. Those moments quickly fade under the pressures of the tasks at hand, attending to family, work, parish, and community needs. I am reminded of a prayer attributed to the martyred bishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero. Some of you might be familiar with it
 "It helps, now and then, to step back and take the long view. The
 kingdom is not only beyond our efforts, it is beyond our vision.
 We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of the
 magnificent enterprise that is God's work. Nothing we do
 is complete, which is another way of saying that the
 kingdom always lies beyond us."

NCR would not be possible without your generosity. I know this and am most grateful. Let us get on with it and work together to contribute our collective "tiny fraction" of the magnificent enterprise that is God's work.

Tom Fox


Mrs. Bernardine A. Abbott, PA

Ms. Margaret T. Abbott, NY

R. I. Abell, CA

Dr. Thomas V. Abowd, OH

Mr. L Harvey Adams, LA

Agnes C. and Joan M. Adams, MA

Mr. William D. Adeimy, Jr., FL

Ms. Shirley Adler, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Affeldt, NM

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Agacinski, MI

Rev. Floyd H. Agostinelli, DC

Mr. Joseph Agresta, CT

Rev. John T. Albosta, PA

Ms. Corinne McRoberts Albright, IL

Ms. Anne Albrink, NM

Mr. Anthony L. Alesi, MA

Rev. Juan Alfaro, TX

Mr. Jerry Alferi, WI

James and Virginia Allaire, IA

Mr. Maurice R. Allaire, ME

Monsignor Richard F. Allen, AK

Mr. James M. Allen, MO

Sr. Noreen Allossery-Walsh, ON

Rev. Philip Altavilla, PA

Rev. Msgr. Joseph T. Alves, MA

Mrs. Maureen Aman, MI

Mrs. Dolores Ammar, MI

Mr. Michael A. Amorose, CA

Mr. Robert A. Anderl, ID

Mrs. Mary Lynn Lamont Anderson, TX

Mr. and Mrs. J. Lyman Anderson, Jr., MD

Mr. Alan A. Andolsen, NY

Capt. USN (Ret) Daniel F. Anglim, Jr., VA

Mr. Robert Anthony, NY

Rev. John Antoncic, NY

Mr. Robert J. Anzelmo, MD

Amie Tatem Araaya, NY

Ms. Dorothy Armbruster, MO

Mrs. Roseann Arndt, IL

Ms. Mary P. Arnold, MD

Arrupe House, WI

Mr. Joseph P. Ascherl, NY

Mr. Jeremiah W. Ashe, NY

Dr. Edward J. Atkinson, Jr., FL

Ms. Mary M. Austin, NJ

Mr. Dalton J. Avery, MA

Mr. Patrick J. Baca, NM

Sr. Adele Baca, OH

Mr. John S. Bach, KS

Ms. Rosemary D. Bacy, CA

Ms. Mary Bader and Mr. Joel Papa, MN

Ms. Daine Bader, CA

Ms. Marie R. Bailey, NY

Mrs. Angela A. Baker, TX

Ms. Diana Baker, NM

Ms. Doris M. Baldwin, DC

Ms. Kathryn H. Baldwin, MD

Mr. Herbert J. Baldwin, AB

Ms. Marie H. Baldwin, VT

Rev. R. James Balint, TX

Mr. Donald H. Bambeck, MD

Ms. Catherine E. Bambrick, NY

Rev. Colombo E Bandiera, WV

Ms. Catherine N. Banks, AL

Dr. Regina Bannan, PA

Ms. Janet Barber, CA

Ms. Mary O. Barker, VA

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Barranco, OK

Renato G. Barreto, IL

Mr. John D. Barry, MA

Ms. Kathryn A. Barry, NY

Msgr. Francis A. Barszczewski, PA

Ms. Christine L. Bart, NY

Ms. Madonna Bartasavich, CA

Rev. Howard B. Basler, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bassano, NY

Ms. Catherine H. Bates, MD

Mr. Norman A. Bates, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Bauer, MI

Mr. William A. Bauman, MO

Mr. Robert E. Bayer, VA

Mr. Robert J. Bayer, MI

Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert Bazur, FL

Mrs. M. Jean Beaman, CA

J. R. Beaudry, ON

Mr. William F. Beaudry, NY

Ms. Madeleine Beaumont & Ms. Nancy McDarby, MN

Ms. Joyce G. Becherer, MO

Mr. Paul J. Beck, ON

Rev. Joseph F. Beckman, OH

Mr. Frederick A. Beckman, IN

Mr. Donald A. Behler, OH

Mr. Raymond J. Behrendt, IL

Ms. Zoe Lantelme Belth, NY

Mr. John J. Bendik, PA

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Benedict, CT

Benedictine Sisters, MN

Sr. Janet Benish, WA

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Benn, IL

Rev. Richard Bennett, IL

L. C. Bennhold, VA

Ms. Ester F. Bentley, CA

Rev. David H. Benz, PA

Rev. Donald M. Berg, WI

Rev. Robert E. Bergeron, MA

Ms. Maria C. Boria Berna, MD

Mr. Raymond A. Bernabo, NY

Mrs. Rella Bernabucci, CT

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Berner, Jr., IL

Ms. Maurita Bernet, AZ

Sr. Paulita Bernuy, WA

Mr. Edward J. Berra, MA

Mr. Thomas G. Berry, NC

Ms. Shirley Bessette, KS

Drs. Eugene and Eileen Best, NY

Mr. Channing L. Bete, Jr., MA

Mr. John Bettice, IL

Ms. Nancy Bevilacqua, CA

Ms. Barbara L. Biales, MN

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bianchi, CA

Mr. Thomas J. Bice-Allen, WI

Msgr. Ronald C. Bill, NY

Mr. James J. Billings, NM

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Binda, Jr., KS

Prof. Thomas E. Bird, NY

Sr. M. J. Birney, MI

Mrs. Mary Landry Blackstock, TX

Ms. Joanne Blair, CT

Rev. Andrew P. Blake, NY

Ms. Christine E. Blaney, PA

Ms. Susanne R. Blank, OR

Mrs. Virginia L. Blankinship, CA

Mr. John A. Blaska, MI

Mr. and Mrs. George Blatt, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Jude A. Blau, CA

Mr. Tony Blaufuss, KS

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Blessington, CT

Ms. Jane Blinka, OH

Ms. Anne C. Blom, PA

Ms. Joan B. Blonien, WI

Ms. Mary L. Blonigan, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Calman Bock, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bocken, HI

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Boff, MI

Dr. Phil Bohnert, HI

Ms. Jackie Bossus Bohrer, MN

Rev. David A. Boileau, LA

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bone, MO

Mr. Leo M. Bonfadini, FL

Frans Bonnike, IL

Rev. Bernard R. Bonnot, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Boo, VA

Ms. Ellen S. Book, KS

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Borchard, AZ

Mr. Frank Borchetta, CT

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bordas, MA

Rev. Roger Botz, MN

Dr. Paul R. Bouche, MA

Mr. Richard J. Boudreau, DC

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Bova, KS

Ms. Judith V. Boyd, NY

Rev. Valentine L. Boyle, AZ

Ms. Meredith E. Braden, TX

Ms. Elizabeth Brandi, FL

Mrs. Jean S. Brazelton, CA

Ms. Mary J. Brazet, MA

Rev. Philip M. Breen, TN

Ms. Yvonne Balboni Bregman, CT

Ms. Mary L. Breidenbach, CA

Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Breitenbucher, MN

B. T. Brennan, FL

Mr. P. Paul Brennan, NY

Sr. Maureen T. Brennan, IN

Ms. Dolores B. Bridges, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brieske, GA

Mr. Edward Briody, NY

Ms. Margaret E. Broad, WI

Ms. Anita Brochu, NH

Sr. Julianne Brockamp, SD

Ms. Barbara B. Broderick, NH

Mr. Henry Broer, CT

Mr. and Mrs. John Brogan, CA

Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Brooks, FL

Ms. Joan Brooks, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Brophy, PA

Mr. Robert Brophy, CA

Ms. Hope F. Brophy, MI

Brothers of Holy Cross, MD

Rev. Douglas C. Brougher, LA

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Brown, IN

Mr. James A. Brown, GA

Ms. Elizabeth A. Brown, WA

Rev. Eugene M. Brown, MN

Ms. Mary Brown, FL

Ms. Carmel N. Brown, LA

Mr. Michael J. Bruch, WI

Rev. Raymond E. Bruck, MI

Mr. T. V. Bruno, TX

Dr. John F. Bryde, SD

Mrs. Gail Odell Buccieri, CA

Mrs. T. Krolikowski Buck, WV

Mr. Marvin J. Buersmeyer, MO

Ms. Justine K. Buisson, FL

Mrs. Elizabeth Buker, IL

Mrs. Ann Bukovchik, CA

Ms. Anna Mae Bullen, OH

Ms. Laida Bunzel, MN

Ms. Angela Burdge, OH

Ms. Eileen E. Burgess, MD

Ms. Amanda Burgmaier, NY

Ms. Mary P. Burke, MA

Ms. Delia Burke, OH

Ms. Marie E. Burnet, NY

Ginny and Ed Burns, MO

Ms. Mary Ellen Burns, NY

Mr. Larry Burns, CO

Mr. Thomas J. Burns, CA

Mr. J. Vincent Burns, CT

Dr. Rosemary Burns, VA

Mrs. Annette Burr, VA

Rev. Charles B. Burrell, NY

Ms. Nancy O. Burton, IL

Rev. Charles A. Buswell, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. Butler, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Butler, WA

Mr. John F. Buttimer, GA

Ms. Suzanne M. Buttino, NY

Mrs. Elisabeth K. Butzer, TX

Mrs. Amity Pierce Buxton, CA

Ms. Winifred P. Byrne, CA

Msgr. Harry J. Byrne, NY

Rev. Thomas J. Cadden, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Caenepeel, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Calabi, MA

Rev. Nicholas J. Calabro, Ct

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Caldwell, OH

Mr. Leonard J. Calegari, CA

Sr. Mary Lynne Calkins, AR

Call to Action San Antonio, TX

Call to Action Nebraska, NE

Ms. Gloria J. Callaci, IL

Mr. Michael Callaghan, NH

Ms. Lee Callaghan, FL

Mr. Leo P. Callahan, NY

Ms. Mary K. Callan, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Callan, NY

Mrs. Barbara M. Camp, AL

Ms. Mary A. Campbell, IA

Mr. John A. Canjar, CO

Ms. Mary J. Canjar, CO

Mr. John D. Cann, MN

Ms. Katherine A. Canney, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cantieri, FL

Mr. David J. Capone, NY

Mr. Kenneth L. Cappelletty, OH

Ms. Eileen T. Carbery, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Carbin, MT

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent G. Cardella, VA

Ms. Diane L. Cardinal, CT

Col. Eleanor Carey, TX

Mr. John R. Carey, WA

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Carleton, VA

Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Carlson, NE

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Carlton, WA

Ms. Grace B. Carnes, NY

Ms. Mary F. Carnevale, MI

Mr. and Mrs. John Otis Carney, AZ

Mr. John Caron, CT

Mrs. Rosalind Carr, NE

Ms. Mary Helen Carroll, IL

Ms. Ruth Carroll, PA

Mrs. Joan A. Carroll, MA

Dr. Norman B. Carroll, FL

Mr. John J. Cartier, DE

Sr. Joan Carusillo, FL

Ms. Helen M. Casey, MI

Ms. Rosemary L. Casey, CA

Dr. James E. Cassidy, IL

Ms. Edith B. Cassidy, CT

Mrs. Carolyn Castillo-Pierson, CA

Sr. Jean Cather, CA

Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA

Ms. Anne B. Cavaliere, NY

Mrs. Gertrude C. Cavanaugh, MD

Mr. Thomas M. Cavender, AZ

Rev. Patrick Caverly, FL

Ms. Winifred J. Cawley, MA

Ms. Judith A. Cerny, OH

Mrs. Maureen J. Cerny, OH

Rev. Nicholas Cesaro, CT

Ms. Georgia L. Cestaro, CA

Dr. and Mrs. Dale A. Chapman, MO

Ms. Ruth Chapman, CA

Mrs. Patricia J. Chargin, CA

Ms. Claire Chase, MA

Rev. Paul F. Chateau, MI

Ms. Geraldine Chavez, CO

Ms. Mary D. Cheap, KY

Ms. Monica Cherniak, IN

Ms. Mary Ricker Cherry, CA

Mr. John F. Child, MI

Ms. Blanche Childs, IL

Mr. Daniel R. Childs, CT

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Chippendale, CA

Ms. Ellen K. Chmiel, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Christian, CA

Dr. Mary Christie, DC

Church of the Holy Infant, CT

Rev. Richard Ciesniewski, AZ

Ms. Rita M. Clark, WA

Mr. James F. Clark, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Clark, PA

Mr. Thomas A. Clary, VA

Mr. Hugh P. Clear, FL

Rev. Leroy Clementich, AK

Ms. Darlene M. Clements, TX

Ms. Judith A. Clifford, PA

Rev. Misty E. Closs, TX

Ms. Helen J. Coates, WI

Ms. Jane F. Coats, CA

Ms. Geraldine Cobb, NY

Ms. Loretta E. Cody, NJ

Mr. John V. Coffield, CA

Mr. Ralph R. Colantuoni, NY

Ms. Marjorie K. Cole and Pat Lambert, AK

Sr. Martin De Porres Coleman, CA

Mrs. Marilyn Ward Coll, MA

Ms. Elizabeth L. Collins, MA

Dr. James R. Collins, MA

Ms. Judith A. Collison, WI

Ms. Barbara A. Comer, NH

Sr. Jane Ann Comerford, IN

Mr. Vincent P. Comiskey, NJ

Mr. Joseph M. Comito, LA

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Conavad, WA

Ms. Elizabeth S. Concannon, MO

Mrs. Dorothy M. Conceison, MA

Mr. John P. Congdon, CO

Mr. Charles L. Conlon, TX

Rev. Edward C. Connelly, MD

Ms. Doris M. Connelly, NY

Rev. George R. Connelly, AZ

Mr. W. Joseph Connolly, MO

Sean G. Connolly, Ph.D, TX

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Connolly, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Connor, NJ

Ms. Kathleen T. Connor, GA

Mr. John E. Connor, PA

Mrs. R. Connors, PA

Ms. Gertrude A. Conrad, MD

Mr. Philip S. Considine, MA

Ms. Patricia Conway, MI

Dr. and Mrs. Richard O. Cook, IL

Rev. Michael Cooney, MI

Ms. Eileen Fox Cooney, PA

Mr. Robert M. Cooper, OR

Mr. John S. Cooper, CA

Mr. Francis N. Corbett, NY

Ms. Eileen T. Corcoran, IL

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Corey, VT

Ms. Denise Cornu, CA

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Corrigan, GA

Dr. and Mrs. Philip T. Cortese, NY

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. John J. Costa, NY

Ms. Mary Costello, NM

Ms. Nancy P. Costello, FL

Rev. Roland P. Cote, NH

Ms. Mary Coughlin and Mr. Arnold A. Johanson, FL

Mr. Paul E. Coughlin, ME

Sr. Vivian M. Coulon, LA

Ms. Audrey Coulter, MN

Mr. Robert D. Coursey, MD

Ms. Patricia L. Cox, AZ

Mr. Gerald F. Cox, CA

Mr. Robert T. Coyle, MI

Rev. Ron Coyne, MA

Very Rev. Richard T. Craig, MA

Ms. Marilyn A. Cramer, MD

Mr. Doug Cramer, CO

Mr. and Mrs. George Cratty, CT

Mrs. Micheline J. Creager, NE

Mr. David J. Creahan, OH

Mr. and Mrs. J. Shane Creamer, PA

Mr. James F. Crilly, NV

Ms. Patty Crowley, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Crowley, OR

Ms. Claire E. Crowley, NM

Rev. Martin Culligan, MO

Ms. Margaret Cummings, MA

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cummings, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Cummings, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cummins, MO

Mr. Robert J. Cunningham, CO

Ms. Karen Cunningham, CA

Mr. James O. Cunningham, OR

Ms. Dorothy J. Cunningham', NY

Mr. Charles L. Currie, DC

Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Curtis, CA

Mrs. Anne Cusick, AK

Mr. Kenneth J. Czillinger, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Dacek, NY

Ms. Rosalyn Dadas, OH

Ms. Marian R. Dahldorf, IL

K. Dahmen, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Daily, MD

Ms. Helen C. Daly, FL

Ms. Anne T. Daly, CT

Mr. Gerald J. Dalzell, NJ

Rev. Anthony Daniele, MA

Mr. William V. D'Antonio, DC

Mr. Richard J. Darger, MI

Mrs. Yvonne K. Daubenspeck, IL

Daughters of Charity, MO

Ms. Cecile B. David, NY

Mr. James Davidheiser, TN

Ms. Judith M. Davis, IN

Mr. Charles N. Davis, SC

Mrs. Mary C. Davis, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard B. Davis, NY

Ms. Anna Belle Day, NM

Mr. John de la Vallee, NM

Sr. Yolanda De Mola, NY

Mrs. Susan Dean, CA

Ms. Diane L. Dean, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Deaton, IL

Rev. Walter Debold, NJ

Mrs. Marlene Debrey-Nowak, NM

Ms. Catherine B. DeBritz, VA

Rev. John R. Decaprio, NY

Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand Decneudt, MI

Rev. George D. Decosta, HI

Mr. Raymond I. Decoux, MA

Sr. Lena Deevy, MA

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Deiters, IL

Ms. Deborah A. Del Ciello, WI

Sr. Janis Delaney, C.S.J., MA

Ms. Anna M. Delarot, FL

Sr. Elizabeth Delmore, MN

Mrs. Rosemary DeLoach, MI

Ms. Maryann Delorenzo, FL

Rev. Anthony G. Deluca, PA

Ms. Helen Demers, MA

Mr. James J. Dempsey, TX

Ms. Mary Ann Dempsey, PA

Mr. Joseph Denatale, MA

Dr. John J. Dennehy, PA

Msgr. Thomas Dentici, CO

Mr. Milford J. Deprey, CT

Rev. Daniel Derry, CA

Sr. Paula Derselle, CA

Mrs. Jean Des Camp, DR

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dette, NJ

Ms. Rose M. Deutschman, MN

Ms. Karen S. Devassy, CT

Ms. Mary V. Devenney, VA

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Devey, NY

Mr. Michael Devine, FL

Ms. Mary Jane Devoe, IL

Mrs. Mary Alice Devor, IN

Bishop Robert L. DeWitt, NY

Mr. Frank Dewitt, MT

Mrs. Helen Di Iorio, IL

Mrs. Ilse W. Diasio, AL

Baldassare Dibartolo, MA

Mrs. Dorothy S. Dickieson, NY

Mr. Cliff Dienberg, IL

Ms. Lolita T. Dierickx, IA

Mr. Enoch L. Dillon, MD

Ms. Nance Ann Dillon, MI

Mr. Joseph D. Dillon, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Dilorenzo, NJ

Tom and Kristi Dinell, HI

Ms. Alice R. Dinneen, NY

Ms. Judith K. Dirks, WA

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg W. Dixon, CT

Mrs. Helen M. Dobbins, CA

Ms. Diane M. Dobitz, CA

Ms. Margaret M. Doherty, MA

Mrs. Rosemary J. Doherty, MI

Mr. Richard P. Doherty, MA

Donald and Arlene Dohr, NM

Mr. Jay P. Dolan, IN

Rev. William P. Doll, CO

Dominican Sisters, WA

Dominican Sisters of Hope, NY

Ms. Eleanor F. Doneski, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Donnaruma, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Donnelly, PA

Mrs. John F. Donnelly, Sr., MI

Mr. Paul R. Donnelly, MO

Ms. Elizabeth A. Donnelly, MO

V. J. Donovan, NB

D. W. Donovan, VA

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Dorn, MN

Ms. Hildegard Dorrer, WI

Ms. Sheila Doublette, IL

Mr. Donald A. Dove, CA

Mr. William Dowdall, NY

Ms. Jean H. Downey, IL

Mr. Bernard F. Downey, NJ

Mr. Jerome F. Downs, CA

Mr. Francis Doyle, VA

Rev. Robert F. Drinan, DC

Ms. Noelie A. Driscoll, IN

Rejane Drobey, CA

Mr. Joseph A. Droste, MI

Dr. Joseph L. Druse, MI

Ms. Dolores M. Du Pont, WI

Mr. Ronald L. DuBois and Ms. Kay Doherty, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Ducey, MI

Ms. Celeste L. Dudley, VA

Mr. James Duffy, NY

Ms. Jane H. Duffy, VA

Rev. John L. Dugan, NY

Mr. and Mrs. John Duggan, CA

Ms. Rose A. Duguid, IL

Joseph R. and Susan E. Dulany, MD

Mr. John Dumas, NY

Sr. Dorothy Dunbar, FSPA, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Dundon, VA

Ms. Kelly Dunn, MA

Rev. William J. Dunn, CA

Mr. Dennis J. Dunn, IL

Ms. Mary E. Dunphy, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Duquette, NH

Rev. Steven I. Durkee, KY

Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Durso, FL

Ms. Luanne Durst, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Dwan, Jr., DC

Ms. Mary Kay Dyckman, WA

Mr. Stanley F. Dzimitrowicz, NC

Mr. Jospeh F. Eagan, CA

Mrs. Ruth M. Eagen, NY

Mrs. Jean A. Earley, NY

Ms. Anna M. Eberle, MD

Mr. John W. Eccleston, MN

Ms. Shirley Echle, IA

Rev. William F. Eckert, MA

James V. Gau and Maxine T. Eckes, OR

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Eckes, FL

Mrs. John W. Eckstein, IA

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eden, MD

Mrs. Beverley F. Edwards, RI

Rev. G. R. Eeckhout, East Africa

Wm. M. & Miriam F. Meehan

Foundation, Inc., NY

Mr. John B. Egan, IN

Mr. Robert M. Egan, IN

Ms. Patricia Egan-Myers, MI

Ms. Kathleen Egloff, IL

Ms. Barbara Elder, CA

Ms. Margaret Ellefson, IL

Sr. Grace Ellen, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. Ellet, OK

Mr. Robert P. Ellis, IL

Ms. Lois A. Ellis, MI

Ms. Elizabeth M. Elmlinger, TN

Ms. Carol F. Elsholz, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Eltink, WI

Ms. Lucille G. Emond, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Emond, VA

Mrs. Mary A. Engel, WI

Ms. Jeanne E. English, CA

Ms. Kathleen A. Ennen, IL

Ms. Ellen Eppers, WI

Ms. Kelly Epstein, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Erbs, Jr., GA

Ms. Grace Eremin, NY

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Esch, CA

Sr. Jane Eschweiler, MI

Rev. Ed Eschweiler, WI

Ms. Patricia Esmonde, FL

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Etzel, MD

Ms. Rita Evans, NY

Mr. George Q. Evans, MS

Ms. Susannah S. Evans, MO

Mrs. Ann F. Evans, WA

Mr. Philip Evanstock, AZ

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ewing, ME

Ms. Mary Faber, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fagan, MD

Rev. Gail Faithfull, CT

Rev. Roland J. Faley, NY

Rev. John P. Fallon, CA

Ms. M. Patricia Fallon, MA

Dr. Maria L. Falter, CA

Ms. Annarose Fanelli, OH

Ms. Kathleen M. Farago, OH

Mr. Peter J. Farley, PA

Ms. Jane Farnen, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Farrell, NY

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Farrell, NY

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Farrell, NY

Ms. Mary Farrell, WA

Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Farrington, CA

Ms. Carole J. Farris, OK

Mrs. Frances B. Faulhaber, OR

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Favret, DE

Ms. Carol Fay, NJ

Ms. Carole C. Fay, CT

Mr. John C. Fay, AL

Ms. Marie C. Feeney, NV

Ms. Sheila A. Feeney, CO

Ms. Betty J. Felker, FL

Mrs. Dolores S. Fell, NE

Ms. Octavia Fellin, NM

Rev. Donald J. Fenske, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Ferguson, PA

Rev. Peter C. Ferrer, CA

Rev. Frances V. Ferrier, LA

Mr. William D. Fichtner, NY

Sr. Lou Marie Fideler, IA

Ms. Ann M. Filson, CA

Mrs. Shirley D. Finch, RI

Ms. Nancy Finnell, AZ

Ms. Sharon K. Finnerty, MI

Ms. Virginia Finn-Lenhardt, WI

Mr. George A. Fischer, MA

Mrs. Rita L. Fisher, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Fisher, CA

Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzgerald, ON

Mrs. Muriel Fitzgerald, MI

Rev. John Fitzgerald, NY

Mr. Maurice J. Fitzgerald, MA

Rev. Thomas J. Fitzgerald, IL

Ms. Marilyn R. Fitzgerald, VA

Ms. Esther R. Flebbe, CO

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Fleck, NY

Dr. Eva Fleischner, CA

Ms. Loie Jean Fleuette, IA

Mr. Reynaldo J. Flores, CA

Ms. Marcella Kerins Fluno, CA

Mr. and Mrs. William Flynn, TX

Rev. James E. Flynn, UT

Rev. Arthur C. Flynn, MA

Mrs. Marie E. Foley, CA

Ms. Mary E. Foley, OH

Rev. J. Patrick Foley, CA

Ms. Jacqueline Fontinell, NY

Mrs. Jean Forbath, CA

Ms. Ellen S. Ford, OH

Mr. Wally Foster, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Fox, KS

Ms. Constance M. Fox, NY

Mrs. Sue M. Fox, NJ

Mr. Daniel K. Fox, NY

Ms. Rita P. Frampton, MD

Ms. Helen Francis, NY

Ms. Jo Franz, MI

Ms. Svea G. Fraser, MA

P.A.M. Fraser-Walters, NM

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Frazee, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Frazier, KS

Mrs. Theresa Fredal, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Luis F. Freire, OH

Ms. Deborah L. French, NY

Mrs. Mary Frey, MN

Mrs. Ann M. Friedman, VA

Mr. Robert L. Fuller, NJ

Rev. Hugh Fullmer, IL

Dr. Robert L. Funaro, MI

Mrs. Theresa M. Futvoye-Micus, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Gaffney, WA

Ms. Rene Gagnon, PQ

Ms. Dorothy K. Gale, CT

Mr. Vincent Gallagher, NJ

Rev. Thomas J. Gallagher, OH

Rev. Thomas G. Gallagher, NY

Mr. Philip J. Gallagher, MD

Mr. Daniel E. Gallagher, OH

Mr. John G. Galletta, NY

Ms. Jeanne Gallo, MA

Mr. Timothy P. Galvin, Jr., IN

Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Galvin, TX

Ms. Margaret Garguilo, AZ

Mrs. Eileen J. Garnett, VA

Rev. James W. Garvey, PA

Sr. Mary Gately, MA

Sr. Grace Gately, NY

Mrs. Kathryn Gaudette, IL

Ms. Elizabeth Gavula, PA

Rev. Patrick G. Geary, IA

Mr. and Mrs. Maria R. Gebbia, NJ

Mr. James B. Gebhard, WI

Mrs. Marion Horton Gebhardt, CT

Mr. Keith Gehlhausen, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gelpi, CA

Mr. Leo R. Gengler, MI

Sal Genuardi, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Geoghegan, NY

Mr. Joseph George, Jr., RI

Ms. Lucille A. Gervase, NY

Richard E. Getty, Ph.D, SC

Rev. Charlie Giacosa, TN

Mr. Angelo D. Giancarlo, PA

Mr. William Gianola, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gibson, CA

Mr. Robert F. Gibson, OH

Mr. William P. Giel, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Gierzynski, IL

Rev. Michael T. Gifford, CA

Ms. Patricia L. Gignac, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J Gilardi, WI

Rev. Desmond P. Gill, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Gillach, CO

Mr. Thomas Gilsenan, IA

Rev. John E. Gilun, IL

Mrs. Marilyn Giorgio-Poole, PA

Mr. Gary Giovanelli, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Girondi, PA

Mr. John P. Gleason, NY

Rev. Stephen J. Gleeson, CT

Ms. Wendy W. Glen, NC

Mr. William D. Glenn, CA

Mr. John E. Glenski, MO

Ms. S. Regina M. Gniot, IL

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Goba, CT

Mr. Aaron W. Godfrey, NY

Ms. Jeanne E. Goedert, IL

Ms. Barbara V. Goetz, CA

Mr. John T. Going, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Goldhammer, DE

Mr. Harold Gomeau, NY

Mr. John A. Gomes, MA

Mr. Edward J. Gonnella, CA

Ms. Georgina S. Gonzalez, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Julio Gonzalez, TX

Mr. Paul K. Goode, TX

Mr. Robert E. Goodfellow, NM

Ms. Gloria Goodwin, NY

Ms. Marie H. Gordon, NC

Rev. Patrick Gorman, CA

Mr. and Mrs. William Gorman, KY

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Goss, MA

Dr. James E. Gottemoller, IL

Rev. James M. Gower, ME

Ms. Fran Grace, FL

Rev. Hugh R. Grace, NY

Ms. Susan K. Grace, CO

Ms. Ann Marie Grady, VA

Rev. Joseph T. Graffis, KY

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Graham, Jr., CA

Sr. Elizabeth Graham, NY

Mrs. Diana J. Graham, VA

Sr. Jeannine Gramick, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Classen Gramm, CA

Mr. Louis E. Grandpre, MI

Ms. Patricia Grattan, CA

Bill Gray and Keats Hayden, CA

Timothy Gray and Mary Ann Donegan, CA

Maria A. Gray, CA

Mr. Joseph A. Graziano, CO

Mr. Andrew M. Greeley, IL

Ms. Dana Greene, GA

Mrs. Patricia F. Gregory, KY

Sr. Marie Henri Grenier, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Grenough, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Gressock, OH

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, NY

Mr. James H. Griesmer, GA

Ms. Margaret Griess, TN

Dr. and Mrs. Ward O. Griffen, MI

Ms. Jean Griffin, CA

Mr. J. Michael Griffin, MA

Mr. John Grim, PA

Ms. Mary G. Grimsteed, NY

Mr. Karl M. Grisso, IL

Rev. Alfred G. Groh, FL

Dr. Thomas H. Groome, MA

Ms. Ann E. Grow, NY

Dr. and Mrs. Harold J. Gruber, WI

Miss Laurie Gruenbeck, TX

Ms. Rosine Gualdoni, AZ

Ms. Jolene Guerra, MA

Rev. Patrick Guillen, CA

Mr. Howard Guimond, MI

Mr. John R. Guinn, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Guinn, MI

Dr. Alexandra Guliano, WI

Ms. Marian Gumbleton, MI

Rev. Richard Gundrey, NM

Ms. Donna A. Gushen, MI

Ms. Kathleen L. Tucker Gustafson, MA

Mr. Richard H. Haber, CO

Sr. Jeanie Hagedorn and Sr. Elaine Hagedorn, IA

Mrs. Margaret M. Haggerty, WA

Mr. William J. Hahn, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hain, NJ

Mrs. Barbara A. Hale, PA

Mr. Don J. Haley, CA

Ms. Eileen C. Hambly, WA

Mrs. Barbara W. Hammond, FL

Ms. Patricia M. Hampl, MN

Dr. Eugene J. Hanavan, Jr., NY

Mr. John T. Haney, Jr., MA

Mr. Greg L. Hanifl, WI

Ms. Barbara C. Hannan, NY

Mr. Richard D. Hansen, CA

Ms. Mary M. Hanson, MT

Ed and Larene Hark, MN

Mr. Joseph Harrington, VA

Mr. Frances J. Harrington, MD

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Harrison, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hart, MA

Ms. Mary L. Hartman, NJ

Ms. Maureen A. Hartman, MI

Mr. Alan J. Hartman, KY

Rev. Richard A. Hartmann, MI

Ms. Arletta E. Hartmann, AZ

Ms. Francesca C. Hartnett, NY

Ms. Helen M. Harvey, NY

Mr. Jack A. Harvey, WA

Mrs. Anne A. Harvey, KS

Rev. Vincent Haselhorst, IL

Mr. Thomas E. Hassett, PA

Mrs. Louise Hatch, NJ

Ms. Rita L. Haugh, MN

Ms. Sheila Hawkes, NJ

Ms. Helen Hawkinson, RI

Mr. Stanley D. Hayden, CA

Ms. Kathleen Hayden, IL

Ms. Rosemary Haynes, VA

Mr. Edward M. Hays, KS

Rev. Bernard Head, IN

Ms. Margaret M. Healy, PA

Mrs. Dianne K. Healy-Clauss, MI

Rev. Willaim E. Hebekeuser, TX

Mrs. Eileen M. Heffley, PA

Mr. Ronald L. Heidelberger, MI

Mr. Robert W. Heidrich, CA

Ms. Eloise Heimann, WI

Mr. Robert Heinrich, MI

Sr. Lorraine Heinz, WI

Ms. Mary Jane Helmann, WA

Rev. Melvin D. Hemann, IA

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hemmer, VA

Mr. Harold R. Henderson, FL

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hendry, MD

Mr. Bernard A. Hennig, IL

Br. Thomas C. Henning, IN

Mr. James X. Henry, FL

Mr. James G. Hermann, IL

Ms. Marta Herrero, AZ

Ms. Eleanor M. Hezel, NY

Mr. Michael Higgins, IN

Mr. Richard F. Higgins, GA

Mr. John J. Hilbert, PA

Rev. Robert Hilkert, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Hill, TX

Mr. Lawrence E. Hinch, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Hindery, AZ

Ms. Catharine Hinen, MA

Mr. and Mrs. George Hinger, WI

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hinz, IL

Mr. J. Norman Hipskind, IN

Ms. Mildred Hirschle, PA

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hitchcock, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Hlavac, WI

Ms. Rosemary Hobson, RI

Ms. Margaret L. Hoerr, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hoff, WI

Mr. C. J. Hoffman, TX

Dr. Robert A. Hoffman, MD

Mr. Douglas C. Hoffman, TX

Mr. James D. Hoffman, NY

Ms. Mary B. Hoffmann, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Hofkes, WI

Mr. Leo Hofmann, AB

Mr. William E. Hogan, IL

Rev. Michael Hogan, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Hoholik, MI

Mr. Michael J. Holasek, WI

Mr. Jeffrey P. Hollender, MO

Mr. John J. Hollohan, FL

Mr. Donald R. Holt, Jr., MN

Ms. Julie A. Holtz, OH

Mr. John T. Horan, VA

Ms. Elizabeth A. Horn, FL

Sr. Shirley Hoski, SSJ-TOSF, MI

Mr. and Mrs. John B. A. Hostage, NH

Ms. Mary D. Houck, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Houck, KY

Ms. Margaret J. Howe, VA

Ms. M. Rita Howe, CA

Mr. Robert G. Hoyt, NY

Rev. Paul J. Hritz, OH

Mr. Norbert J. Hruby, MI

Mr. Asa G. Hubbard, CA

Rev. Daniel R. Huber, CO

Ms. Barbara Huber, MI

Ms. Elizabeth L. Huberman, PA

Mr. Jack P. Hubner, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huether, NJ

Mrs. Grace E. Huffman, NY

Mr. Joseph F. Hugar, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Hughes, GA

Mrs. Mary E. Hughes, AK

Mr. Kenneth L. Hull, MI

Sr. Audrey Hull, FL

Ms. Alice D. Hulme, ME

Ms. Sheila M. Hulseman, IL

Mr. Victor A. Hummert, LA

Ms. Ann Hungerman, MI

Mr. John F. Hunt, NY

Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen, WA

Rev. Don Huntimer, AZ

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Hurley, VA

Mr. Leroy J. Hushak, OH

Ms. Margaret D. Hutaff, MA

Mr. and Mrs. John Hydar, CA

Rev. James M. Hynes, TX

Rev. Joseph P. Hynes, RI

I. & E. Letissier, MI

Ms. Janice V. Inman, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ishum, KS

Rev. Thomas Iwanowski, NJ

Ms. Irene B. Jacey, CT

Rev. Edward M. Jach, OH

Mr. Anthony L. Jacobs, IL

Mr. Kenneth Jacobson, MN

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jacoby, NJ

Mr. William R. James, AL

Rev. Balthasar Janacek, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Janes, MN

Mr. Frank Jankowiak, WI

Mr. Frank G. Janner, MO

Steven A. Janoski, IL

Ms. Patricia A. Janus, NY

P. A. Jeffers, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Jehle, FL

Mr. Bernard J. Jennings, CA

Mrs. Edna S. Jensen, WI

Mr. James A. Jepson, CA

Mr. John Jerbi, CA

Rev. Richard A. Jiru, CO

Ms. Sarah Kathleen Johannes, CO

Br. Donald Johnroe, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Johnson, NE

Mr. Daniel J. Johnson, CA

Mr. Kermit D. Johnson, DE

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Johnson, CA

Mr. and Mrs. F. Philip Johnston, CA

Mr. Robert T. Johnston, KS

Ms. Penelope M. Johnston, IL

Mrs. Alvina M. Johnston, NJ

Mr. Stephen F. Johnstone, WI

Mr. Robert A. Jonas, MA

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Jones, CA

Mrs. Mary Beth Jones, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Jones, MA

Mr. Philip K. Jones, IN

Ms. Susanne C. Jones, KY

Ms. Joan G. Jones, MN

Mr. Frederick M. Jones, CA

Merritt P. Jones, VA

Rev. David J. Joyce, Jr., MA

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Judge, IN

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Judson, PA

Mr. Arthur F. Judy, GA

Ms. Dolores Kaczmarczyk, MI

Mr. George J. Kaffenberg, Jr., NJ

Mrs. Patricia Kahn, CA

Rev. Peter V. Kain, NY

Dr. Edmund F. Kal, CA

Mrs. Jean Kalemba, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Kaliss, NJ

Mr. Joseph J. Kalo, NC

Mr. Marvin Kammerer, SD

Mr. Gregory J. Kandra, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Kane, Jr., AZ

Dr. Donna M. Kane, MD

Ms. Barbara L. Kane, MA

Vlasta Dryak Kankel, CA

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Karhnak, Jr., VA

Mr. Lee P. Kaspari, CO

Rev. Edward J. Kealey, NY

Mr. John T. Kearns, NY

Ms. Nancy Q. Keefe, NY

Rev. Daniel T. Keefe, NY

Mr. Gerald E. Keefe, MN

Mrs. Barbara J. Keeley, IL

Ms. Patricia J. Keenan, CA

Ms. Marianne Keevins, CT

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Keleher, IL

Mr. James Patrick Keleher, NY

Mrs. Vivienne Kell, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Keller, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Keller, CA

Mr. Kenneth C. Keller, CO

Ms. Helen Kelley, CA

Ms. Gail Kelley, NC

Mr. Rodrick L. Kelley, IL

Ms. Eileen Kelley, MA

Ms. Catherine Kelly, NY

Rev. William M. Kelly, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kelly, MN

Ms. Alice Kelly, FL

Mr. Thomas J. Kelty, NY

Rev. Kieran C. Kemner, IL

Mr. Paul F. Kenefick, CT

Mr. Patrick Kennedy, CO

Mr. Daniel Kennedy, TN

Mr. John B. Kerber, MN

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Keyes, WA

Ms. Patricia A. Khuen, IL

Rev. Edward J. Kiernan, NY

Mr. Terence C. Kiernan, NY

Rev. Eugene M. Kilbride, CT

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Kilburg, Jr., SC

Mr. Charles V. Kile, TX

Mr. John W. Kilty, MD

Mr. Harold W. Kimble, Jr., NJ

Ms. Karen King, MA

Ms. Mikela King, GA

Mr. Donald J. King, ME

Ms. Amy K. Kinosian, WI

Ms. Marie C. Kipper, IL

Mr. Dennis Kirby, IL

Ms. Mary Kirchen, CA

Ms. Louisa D. Kirchner, CT

Mrs. Benita A. Kirschbaum, MN

Mr. Joseph T. Kivlin, WI

Rev. George Klasinski, KS

Mr. John B. Klaus, IL

Mr. Randall Klein, CT

Mr. John F. Klingmeyer, DE

Mrs. Ann M. Klocke, IL

Rev.. George M. Kloster, Jr., NC

Ms. Patricia Kluepfel, CT

Mr. Thomas E. Knab, WI

Ms. Dorothy H. Knapp, CA

Mr. Ron Knorpp, KY

Ms. Patricia Koechlin, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Koehler, MO

Mr. Richard J. Koehn, MI

Rev. Louis A. Koehr, IL

Dr. Charles J. Koerber, VA

Ms. Nancy A. Kohrman, WI

Msgr. Joseph J. Kohut, CT

Mr. Jerome A. Kolenda, PA

Mrs. Maria A. Kompare, MI

Rev. Edward Konopka, FL

Ms. Greta Koppin, IA

Mrs. Veronica M. Kordecki, FL

Ms. Barbara A. Korsak, PA

Ms. Catherine M. Kosa, MA

Ms. Ann Marie Kotre, MI

Rev. John Kouba, CA

Mrs. Kathlyn R. Kraffmiller, CT

Ms. Mary Patricia Kramer, CA

Ms. Jane C. Kramer, SC

Ms. Ethna Kress, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Kroner, Jr., OH

Msgr. Norbert G. Kuehler, TX

Mrs. Regina Kuehn, IL

Ms. Barbara H. Kuhn, WI

Mr. Robert J. Kujawa, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Kundtz, CO

Mr. David J. Kundtz, CA

Mr. Paul W. Kuppinger, NY

Rev. Alexander A. Kuras, MI

Ms. Margaret V. Kurdi, NM

Msgr. Edgar Kurt, IA

Rev. Eugene Kutsch, IA

Rev. Paul M. Kwiatkowski, OH

Mr. J. Jerome Lackamp, OH

Ladies of Bethany, PA

Ms. Julia M. Ladner, IL

Ms. Eleanor M. Lafferty, WV

Mr. John D. Laflin, NM

Mr. Gerard A. Lagomarsino, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. LaLonde, GA

Mr. James J. Lamb, CA

Mr. Henry Lambert, VT

Mr. John P. Lamond, PA

Mr. Michael Lampe, IL

Rev. Maurice Lampron, NH

Ms. Catherine Landry, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lane, CO

Ms. Julia A. Lane, IL

Mr. Skip LaPolice, PA

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Larkey, WI

Mr. Robert Laroche, PQ

R. W. Larroque, OR

Dr. Danuta Oktawiec Larson, KS

Ms. Mary J. Larson, TN

Rev. Kenneth E. Lasch, NJ

Ms. Lillian G. Laska, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Laurance, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Laurance, MI

Ms. M. G. Lavan, VA

Ms. Louise H. Lawler, OH

Mr. John A. Lawler, Jr., PA

Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Lawlor, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Lawlor, NJ

Col. James E. Lawrence, VA

Ms. Yvonne Le Mense, CA

Ms. Jean Le Vasseur, MI

Mr. Robert J. Leander, AZ

Rev. James F. Leary, CT

Mr. Ernest W. LeBlanc, FL

Mr. Roland LeBrun, ME

Mrs. Frances D. Ledwig, CO

Mr. Rhoady Lee, Jr., WA

Ms. Irene Leeds, NY

Rev. R. K. LeFleur, MI

Mr. Thomas A. Lehmkuhl, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Lenihan, NY

Ms. Arlene J. Lennox, IL

Ms. Lois Lenz, WI

Mr. Joseph P. Lesniak, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Lewis, NY

Ms. Margaret C. Lewis, ND

Mr. Aidan A. Licari, AL

Ms. Judith Lickteig, IL

Ms. Melita Lieblang, FL

Mr. James F. Limke, OK

Rev. Daniel Lincoln, KY

Mr. James B. Lincoln, KY

Ms. Judy Lindbom, WI

Ms. Diane Lindhal, WI

Mr. Francis M. Linehan, NY

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Link, IL

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Link, IN

Ms. Margaret E. Lippe, WI

Mr. Louis L. Lisi, NY

Mr. James B. Little, MA

Mr. John J. Logan, TX

Mr. Charles P. Logan, PA

Ms. Bernadette J. Lohse, ID

Mrs. Annette Lomont and Mr. Charles Raaberg, CA

Ms. Patricia A. Lonergan, NY

Ms. Vicky M. Longawa, IL

Patrick and Kathleen Looney, MD

Ms. Mira Lee Loran, IL

Mr. James Lord, MA

Sr. Mary F. Lottes, NY

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Loughlin, CT

Ms. Nancy S. Lovejoy, MA

Ms. Betty L. Lovett, KS

Ms. Mary Ann Lowery, PA

Rev. William Lucey, MA

Dennis and Pamela Lucey, VA

Sr. Francile Luking, MS

Mr. Paul Luvera, WA

Ms. Eileen Lynch, MI

Ms. Mary K. Lynch, OH

Mr. John A. Lynch, MA

Mr. Michael F. Lynch, PA

Ms. Frances Lynch, MA

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lynch, IL

Ms. Mary E. Lyons, MA

Ms. Rosamond K. Lytle, IL

Mr. Frank J. Macchiarola, NY

Mr. Robert B. MacDonald, FL

Senator Allan J. MacEachen, ON

Ms. Christine H. MacGill, FL

Rev. Richard J. Maciejewski, NE

Mrs. Joan MacIntyre, CA

Mr. Frank J. Mack, NY

Ms. Beverly T. Mack, RI

Mr. Rupert MacLellan, AB

Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Macy, CA

Rev. Msgr. John W. Madsen, NY

Mr. Joseph H. Maguire, Jr., MA

Mr. John R. Maher, CA

Ms. Margaret Maher, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Maher, IL

Sr. Colette Mahoney, NY

Sr. Mary L. Mahoney, RI

Mrs. Joan F. Mahony, NC

Mr. Michael Mahr, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Maier, MI

Mrs. Avril Makhlouf, VA

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Malaro, Jr., MD

Ms. Mary M. Malatesta, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Malcolm, NE

Rev. James E. Mallahan, WA

Mr. Stephen A. Mallard, NJ

Mrs. Eileen J. Mallesch, NY

Ms. Mary S. Mallon, IL

Mrs. Susan Zaremba Malone, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Malone, CT

Mr. G. Donald Maloney, AK

Mr. Robert H. Maloney, CA

Mr. Francis J. Maloney, IL

Sr. M. Ancilla Maloney, NY

Rev. Raymond B. Maloney, CA

Ms. Irma Manas, CA

Mrs. Mary Lou Mangan, NJ

Jacinta Mann, PA

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Mannelly, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Mansfield, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Mansfield, CA

Mr. James P. Mansmann, PA

Ms. Teresa Marcy, IN

Marianist Community, MD

The Marist Brothers, NY

Ms. Joan M. Markey, ME

Ms. Marianna C. Markowetz, WI

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marmion, CA

Ms. Wendy Marsh, TX

Mr. Francis J. Marshall, IN

Mr. James J. Marshall, RI

Mrs. Martha T. Marston, AL

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Martin, NJ

Mr. James B. Martin, CA

Mr. Charles P. Martin, NY

Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin, WI

Rev. William J. Martin, KY

Rev. Malcom Martin, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Mascotte, IN

Mr. William J. Masica, OH

Ms. Sharon K. Masloski, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Mason, MI

Deacon Cyril J. Massar, NJ

Sr. Mary Anthony Mathews, IL

Rev. James D. Mathews, NY

Lt. Virgil L. Mathewson, USCG (Ret), MI

Ms. Joanne L. Matson, CA

Mr. Gerald Mattern, WI

Rev. Joseph Mattern, WI

Mr. John H. Matthews, WA

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Matthews, DC

Ms. Joyce D. Mattingly, KY

Rev. Robert B. Mattingly, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Mattson, FL

Ms. Mary Katherine Maulucci, VA

Mrs. Katherine H. Maxwell, CA

Ms. Frances Maycroft, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Mazotti, CA

Mrs. Louis A. Mazzetti, CA

Mr. James P. Mc Garry, CA

Mr. Eoin J. Mc Kiernan, MN

Br. Finbar Mc Mullen, FSC, MN

Ms. Louise H. McAllister, WA

McCabe Renewal Center, MN

Mr. Thomas McCaig, WI

Rev. Samuel N. McCain, ME

Mr. Tom McCarthy, PA

Mr. Edward C. McCarthy, Jr., VA

Dr. Cecelia M. McCarton, CT

Ms. Patricia McCarty, MO

Ms. Mary McCarty, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. McCarty, CA

Rev. John O. McCaslin, NE

Rev. James A. McCauley, MN

Rev. Malcolm E. McClenaghan, CA

Ms. Margaret McCormack, NY

Mrs. Patricia J. McCormick, WI

Mr. James McCrea, CA

Rev. Paul F. McDonald, TX

Rev. David M. McDonald, CT

Ms. Joan C. McDonell, WA

Marlene McDonnell, SFCC, IA

Rev. John P. McDonough, MA

Mr. and Mrs. John G. McDonough, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Phil McEachern, WA

Ms. Mary Jane McEvoy, NY

Mr. Arthur McEwen, NJ

Mr. Francis A. McGarry, NY

Mrs. Dorothy McGarvey, MA

Mr. Jude P. McGeough, RI

Mr. and Mrs. Francis McGillicuddy, ME

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McGinty, TX

Mr. Thomas W. McGohey, NC

Mr. John P. McGough, DE

Msgr. Stephen D. McGough, PA

Ms. Joyce McGovern, TX

Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGovern, NJ

Ms. Margaret M. McGowan, CT

Rev. Seamus McGowan, TX

Ms. Maggie McGrail, AZ

Mr. Allen J. McGrath, MD

Mr. and Mrs. James F. McGrath, NY

Mrs. Mary Jo McGrath, NM

Mr. Michael F. McGrory, NY

Rev. G. McGuinness, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McGuire, MN

Mr. Michael McGuire, VA

Dr. Raymond R. McGuire, CA

Mr. and Mrs. William H. McGunagle, CA

Mr. and Mrs. James D. McGurty, NJ

Mrs. Rose P. McHale, MA

Ms. Ann E. McHale, PA

Mr. Joseph W. McHugh, MA

Sr. Dolores McHugh, IA

Dr. Donald E. McIntosh, MO

Mr. Matthew McKearn, VA

Mrs. Barbara McKearnan, IL

Ms. Mary K. McKee, MD

Dr. Sheila McKenna, NY

Rev. Eugene J. McKenna, RI

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. McKenna, RI

Rev. Brendan McKeough, TX

Mr. Thomas E. McKevett, IL

Mr. William M. McKinstra, IL

Mr. Vincent J. McKone, NC

Mr. John B. McLaren, NY

Mr. Norman C. McLaughlin, NY

Mr. Patrick J. McLaughlin, MA

Ms. Rosemary P. McLaughlin, FL

Mr. Anthony McLaughlin, NJ

Mr. Thomas F. McLoughlin, FL

Mr. John J. McMahon, ID

Rev. Frederick R. McManus, MA

Mr. John P. McMeel, MO

Mr. and Mrs. John W. McNally, FL

Ms. Marian E. McNally, MI

Mr. Martin J. McNamara, MD

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McNamara, CA

Ms. Vivien L. McNaughton, NY

Ms. Mary K. McNeive, MO

Rev. Frank J. McNulty, NJ

Ms. Mary E. McPeak, FL

Mr. and Mrs. William L. McSweeney, FL

Rev. John J. McVeigh, NJ

Mr. Michael T. Meagher, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Meagher, MD

Ms. Roberta S. Medalis, NJ

Mr. J. Jeffrey Meder, WA

Mrs. Lynnette Meisen-Vehrs, WA

Ms. Helen Melchionno, RI

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Melia, VA

Rev. August A. Melito, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mellyn, ME

Ms. Mary Reilly Merickel, CA

Mr. Joseph Messina, MD

Rev. James L. Meyer, MI

Ms. Maria Meyer, MD

Mr. Eugene J. Meyers, WI

Mr. Robert F. Miailovich, VA

Ms. Pamela A. Michalegko, VA

Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Michaud, OH

Ms. Rita M. Mignacca, NY

Mr. Jerome J. Mikschl, CA

Msgr. Joseph J. Milani, CA

Milford Jesuit Community, OH

Mr. Dean Miller, CA

Mr. Robert E. Miller, MO

Mr. George M. Miller, MA

Dr. Joseph W. Miller, AZ

Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Miller, Jr., TN

Ms. Gladys M. Misiewicz, MI

Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, VA

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Mitchell, WA

Mr. Robert E. Mitchell, WA

Ms. Mary A. Mittiga, NY

Ms. Florence U. Mittino, VA

Jim and Rita Mize, CA

Rev. Thomas R. Mizeur, IL

Mrs. Helen G. Modugno, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Mohr, KS

Ms. Nancy M. Mohr, MO

Ms. Marianne Moine, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Molson, MI

Rev. Thomas J. Monahan, IL

J. P. Monat, CO

Ms. Constance M. Mondel, NY

Mr. Thomas G. Mondello, CA

Mrs. Mary J. Mongan, DE

Ms. Lauretta Monise, CA

Mr. Michael Monroe, CA

Montebello Community, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Moon, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Moon, WA

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mooney, IN

Ms. Margaret Mooney, NY

Rev. Roswell O. Moore, OR

Rev. Ward P. Moore, NJ

Mr. William J. Moore, MN

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Moore, IL

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Moore, LA

Rev. Daniel F. Moran, MA

Mr. Richard S. Moran, MA

Mr. Patrick J. Moreo, OK

Robert and Maura Morey, CA

Mrs. Catherine R. Morhard, VA

Mrs. Florence Moriarty, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Moriarty, IN

Ms. Phyllis K. Morris, GA

Ms. Anne Morris, NC

Rev. Anthony W. Morris, VA

Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Morrissey, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Morrissey, IA

Mr. Stephen Mosca, NJ

Mr. John A. Moser, FL

Mr. William C. Moylan, CA

Ms. Helen A. Moynihan, VT

Mr. William J. McCann, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll J. Mrowicki, NJ

Ms. Rosemary Mucci, NY

Mr. Sebastian Muccilli, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Muckley, AZ

Ms. Rosemary Mudd, NM

Mr. Leonard E. Mudd, MD

Rev. Lloyd Mudrak, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Mueller, MN

Ms. Gertrude Muir, VA

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Muldoon, IL

Mr. Brian J. Mulherin, GA

Ms. Dorothy Ann Mulholland, NY

Mr. Patrick A. Mulich, NY

Mr. Charles Muller, AZ

Mr. Robert J. Muller, AZ

Dr. David J. Muller, CO

Ms. Margaret F. Mullin, MA

Mr. William J. Mulloy, NY

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Murney, MO

Ms. Eileen Murphy, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R Murphy, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Murphy, CA

Ms. Susan S. Murphy, RI

Ms. Mary Murphy, MA

Mr. William Murphy, CA

Ms. Alice A. Murphy, MD

Rev. Richard Murphy, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy, VA

Ms. Mary Jane Murphy, IA

M. K. Murphy, MD

Mr. Daniel R. Murray, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murray, NJ

Ms. Margaret A. Murtagh, NY

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Murtaugh, WI

Mrs. Mary Ellen Myers, CA

Mr. William P. Myers, NY

Ms. Donna M. Nagel, CA

Ms. Jean Naumovich, IL

Mr. Gerald J. Navratil, MT

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neal, OK

Ms. Peggy Neal, KS

Rev. Kenneth T. Nee, NY

Mr. William P. Neis, MS

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Nelson, IL

Ms. Virginia Nelson, CA

Ms. Patricia Nemec, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert J. Nett, CO

Mr. Raymond Neudecker, MO

Ms. Evaleen E. Neufeld, WI

Ms. Kristin E. Neufeld, NY

Ms. Mary A. Neumann, MD

Ms. Anna Marie Neutrelle, PA

Mr. James Neville, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Nevin, NY

Ms. Anne B. Newcomb, WY

Ms. Mary Anne Newcomb, VT

Mrs. H. William Newman, WV

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Nicholas, KY

Msgr. Allan F. Nilles, ND

Ms. Gertrude R. Nittler, CO

Mrs. Mary Jo Nocero, FL

Mr. Robert L. Noon, OH

Rev. Robert C. Noonan, MT

Ms. Teresa Norton, CA

Mr. Paul J. Novosel, NY

Mr. Robert F. Novotny, FL

Ms. Barbara A. Nuckley, OH

Ms. Patricia L. Nuelsen, CT

Mrs. Mary A. Nunz, NM

Dr. Anita Obermeier, NM

Mr. Stuart F. Obrien, MA

Ms. Joan O'Brien, IL

Rev. George O'Brien, CA

Rev. James E. O'Brien, OH

Sr. Mary O'Brien, NY

Mr. Donald J. Obuchowski, WA

Mr. and Mrs. John F. O'Callaghan, FL

Mr. Robert P. Ochocki, CA

Mr. Charles J. O'Connell, NY

Dr. George O'Connell, CT

Mr. James S. O'Connor, CA

Mr. Daniel P. O'Connor, CT

Rev. Robert B. O'Connor, NY

Mr. Thomas C. O'Connor, NC

Rev. Ned O'Donnell, CA

Mrs. Jean I. O'Donnell, CA

Rev. Joseph F. Ognibene, IL

Ms. Joan O'Grady, PA

Rev. James P. O'Hagan, MI

Mrs. Ruth Donner O'Hara, MI

Ms. Joan O'Hara, NY

Ms. Marjorie K. O'Hara, MN

Rev. Francis C. O'Hare, MA

Msgr. John J. O'Hare, CA

Mr. Michael O'Hore, KS

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. O'Hearn, WA

Mr. John T. Ohlendorf, IL

Joel and Kathy Olah, IA

Mr. Timothy J. O'Leary, NY

Mr. John Peter Olinger, DC

Mrs. Mary A. Olivier, MA

Mr. Bernard J. O'Loughlin, CA

Mrs. Monica M. Olsen, CA

Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Malley, IN

Dr. Joseph F. O'Malley, PA

Ms. Catherine L. O'Neil, NC

Ms. Margaret O'Neil, OH

Mr. James C. O'Neill, NY

Mr. Harry J. Opila, IL

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Orgren, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orlando, MI

Ms. Edith M. O'Rourke, FL

Mr. Daniel C. O'Rourke, NY

Judge Patti O'Rourke, CO

Mrs. Marita F. O'Rourke, CT

Mr. Richard Orton, TX

Mr. James F. Orwig, NE

Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. O'Shaughnessy, IL

Mrs. Jane Osterle, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. O'Toole, IL

Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, IN

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Owen, CA

Mr. Charles E. Owens, KS

Rev. John W. Ozbun, MN

Mr. Gilbert Padilla, AZ

Mrs. Alice M. Pallwitz, CA

Mrs. Joan M. Panaro, CA

Mr. Clay E. Pardo, Jr., CA

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Paricio, Jr., CO

Ms. Madeline B. Park, CA

Mr. Joseph Partee, CO

Sr. Judith Pask, NY

Mr. Jacques Pasquier, MI

Mrs. Bernice L. Pastel, NY

Mr. David A. Patterson, TN

Mr. Alan Patteson, Jr., AR

Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Pattridge, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Paul, OH

Ms. S. Charleen Pavlik, PA

Mr. Daniel A. Pavsek, VA

Ms. Hilary Peattie, CA

Ms. Dorothy A. Pedtke, IN

Ms. Theresa Peltier, KS

Mr. Patrick L. Penick, CA

Ms. Rosemarie Peoples, CA

Rev. Richard Perfetto, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Perino, MI

Ms. Betty A. Perkins, OH

Mrs. Mary S. Perone, CA

Dr. Gerri Perreault, IA

Mr. Frank W. Perreault-Kuebel, ME

Ms. Angela C. Perry, FL

Ms. Barbara M. Petersen, KS

Ms. Mary Beth Petersen, WI

Dr. and Mrs. Francis J. Petracek, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pezzullo, FL

Rev. Peter Pflomm, NY

Mr. Richard B. Philbrick, MD

Ms. Stacey L. Picard, OH

Mrs. M. S. Picchi, CA

Ms. Barbara S. Piermont, FL

Ms. Sharon Pikula, NM

Ms. Marjorie R. Pilzner, AZ

Ms. Arveda Pink, IA

Harleen M. Pino, AK

Faustin Pipal, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Pitts, MT

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pizzat, PA

Mr. James C. Plastaras, PA

Ms. Judith Platt, NY

Ms. Nancy Pluta, NY

Mr. Gerald E. Poggi, MD

Ms. Margaret A. Polanski, IN

Ms. Suzanne Polen, PA

Mr. Joseph D. Policano, NY

J. Winfield Poole, NB

Ms. Judith E. Poston, TX

Rev. Paul A. Pouliot, NH

Mrs. Mary A. Power, MI

Ms. Joan F. Power, MA

Ms. Mary D. Powers, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Powers, OH

Rev. Richard T. Powers, PA

Mr. Antonio Prado, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Prendergast, WI

Mr. Michael J. Prichard, CA

Ms. Carolyn Prinster, CO

Ms. Virginia D. Pristas, FL

Fernande Pruden, MI

Ms. Edna Pucci, CA

Ms. Josephine A. Purcell, CO

Ms. Joan Quick, CT

Mr. Matthew A. Quinlan, TX

Mr. Thomas Quinlan, PA

Mr. William M. Quinn, Jr., WI

Mr. William R. Quinn, FL

Bishop Francis A. Quinn, AZ

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Quinton, FL

Mr. Paul A. Raaz, TX

Rev. Leonard Racki, CO

Mr. Frank Raco, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Radday, VA

Ms. Frances Radencic, IL

Ms. Carolyn Radosevich, IL

Rev. George J. Raffaeta, CT

Rev. Brian Rafferty, MD

Mr. Thomas J. Raftery, IL

Ms. Margaret M. Raidmets, AL

Ms. Patricia P. Randall, MN

Ms. Diane M. Ranelli, NJ

Ms. Elizabeth A. Rareshide, LA

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Rasmussen, NC

Mr. James Rausch, GA

Ms. Elizabeth Ravenscroft, MD

Ms. Marcella Raynak, PA

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Read, WA

Redemptorist Fathers, BC

Mrs. Patricia F. Redmond, NY

Mr. Harry L. Reed, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. B. Reed, NH

Mr. Kevin Reedy, IL

Rev. Charles T. Reese, FL

Rev. William P. Regan, NY

Ms. Donna M. Rego, OH

Mr. George Reich, NY

Mrs. Christine Reichman, AK

Mr. George E. Reid, NY

Dr. Michael J. Reilly, VA

Dr. William F. Reilly, NY

Sr. Mary Reilly, RI

Mrs. Maureen P. Reilly-Moran, NY

Mr. William T. Reinick, AZ

Sr. Mary Ann Reis, NJ

Dr. Elizabeth Reis, MI

Mrs. Joan S. Reisen, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Reissner, NY

Religious of the Sacred Heart, LA

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Remley, CA

Mr. Martin S. Rendon, VA

Mr. John J. Renggli, WA

Rev. Richard G. Rento, NJ

Ms. Patricia Rettenmaier, KS

Rev. Lonnie C. Reyes, TX

Rev. Daniel Reynolds, OR

Ms. Sheila T. Reynolds, IL

Mr. David J. Rezek, IL

Ms. Mary L. Rhodes, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rice, FL

Ms. Laura T. Rice, NY

Ms. Catherine H. Rice, AL

Rev. Richard P. Rice, ME

Ms. Marilyn Rice, CO

Mrs. Judith E. Rich, MA

Mr. Justin Richard, NM

Ms. Anne M. Richter, FL

Mrs. Mary I. Ricucci, FL

Mr. Vincent Ridge, NY

Rev. David J. Rieder, MN

Mr. Francis X. Rieger, NJ

Mr. Robert K. Rien, CA

Ms. Maria Rifo, CA

Ms. Kathryn Ringgold, CA

Mr. William Riordan, IL

Ms. Catherine Ripp, IL

Mr. L. F. Rittelmeyer, Jr., VA

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rittman, CA

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rivard, MN

Mr. Joseph J. Roach, NY

Mr. Douglas Roach, C.S.C., FL

Mr. Michael G. Roach, MO

Ms. Estelle Roach, MA

Mrs. Mary Ellen Robedeau, OR

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Roberts, KS

Sr. Frances Roberts, NY

Ms. Leslie B. Robertson, MI

Mr. Jose R. Roca, FL

Ms. Nancy Rocereto, NJ

Rev. Daniel Rocheleau, ON

Mr. G. M. Roemers, CA

Mrs. Barbara M. Rogers, DE

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Rohan, IN

Barbara and Dora Marie Rohl, WI

Ms. Ann E. Rohnke, NY

Ms. Susan K. Roll, NY

Mr. John C. Rompa, WA

Ms. Mary A. Roper, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Rose-Milavec, OH

Mr. Edward C. Rosser, MI

Ms. Veronica A. Rotheim, NY

Mr. John P. Rowley, IL

Rev. Allen J. Roy, LA

Ms. Patricia P. Rua, IA

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Rudloff, KY

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rue, CA

Ms. Catherine Ruegamer, MT

Dr. Armando Ruiz, LA

Rev. David H. Runde, WI

Mr. John G. Rusnak, AZ

Ms. Claire E. Rusowicz, CT

Mr. and Mrs. James Russell, NH

Ms. Sandra Russum, CA

Rev. Michael G. Ryan, WA

Ms. Jeanne W. Ryan, PA

Rev. Timothy Ryan, GA

Rev. William H. Ryan, TX

Ms. Elizabeth J. Ryan, IL

Ms. Mary J. Ryan, CA

Ms. Evemarie R. Ryan, CA

Rev. Steven P. Ryan, NE

Mr. John P. Ryan, IL

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Ryan, FL

Mr. Mark T. Ryan, NY

Mr. Philip G. Ryan, NY

Mr. Louis J. Ryan, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ryan, NC

Mr. Gerald Ryan, NY

Sr. Donna Ryan, MO

Mrs. Eileen C. Sadasiv, RI

Saint Boniface Church, PA

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Salata, CO

Mr. Martin Salzman, NY

Sr. Doris Samens, IL

Rev. Joseph Sanches, TN

Ms. Gertrude T. Sander, OR

Mrs. Louise Sandercock, OH

Ms. Karen M. Sanders, FL

Ms. Barbara M. Sanders, VA

Chaplain Col. James E. Sanner, TX

Ms. Rosemary Santoli, NY

Ms. Anne L. Santos, FL

Ms. Helen M. Sargeant, WA

Mr. Donald E. Sass, WI

Mr. Ryan J. Sattler, PA

Mr. David J. Sauer, WI

Mr. Thomas A. Savignano, CA

Mr. Leo P. Savoie, CT

Mr. Robert W. Sawyer, OH

Ms. Valerie C. Scanlon, NY

SC Ministries Foundation, OH

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Scanlon, IL

Sr. Barbara Scanlon, AK

Mrs. Patricia R. Schaefer, NJ

Ms. Marilyn T. Schafer, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schaub, PA

Alois M. Scheidel, MN

Mr. Joseph F. Scheuring, MI

Sr. Frances Schier, NJ

Rev. Thomas Schiller, MI

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Schleppegrell, MN

Mr. Robert E. Schlosser, NJ

Mr. Frank R. Schmid, IL

Mrs. Barbara A. Schmidt, WI

Ms. Sylvia Picard Schmitt, NJ

Mrs. Grace B. Schmitt, TX

D. J. Schneider, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Schneider, CT

Mr. Robert C. Schneider, WA

Sr. Lorraine M. Schneider, WA

Dr. Frank A. Schneiger, NY

Ms. Mary Ann Schoettly, NJ

Ms. Jean Schoonmaker, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Schouten, PA

Sr. Marian Schreiner, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Schubert, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Schulder, PA

Ms. A. Regina Schulte, WI

Mr. David R. Schultze, II, OR

Rev. A. J. Schumacher, WI

Mr. Elwin C. Schwab, OR

Ms. Rosemary Schwary, WA

Mrs. Alberta C. Schwengber, NV

Rev. W. J. Scollard, KY

Ms. Laurel M. Scorpio, RI

Mrs. Catherine M. Scott, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Scott, MA

Ms. Christina Scranton, OH

Rev. Thomas L. Seagrave, CA

Ms. Esther Seaman, OR

Ms. Kathryn V. Sebian, NC

Mr. George E. Seeber, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Segovia, CA

Dr. Frank J. Seibold, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Seiker, NE

Ms. Suzanne E. Serke, OH

Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, MI

Ms. Martha M. Stenger Setter, GA

Mrs. Kelly Nolan Shafer, WA

Mrs. Anne W. Shafer, TN

Dr. and Mrs. Lee Shahinian, Jr., CA

Ms. Carolyn A. Shalhoub, MI

Ms. Dolores M. Shanahan, NY

Ms. Nora Shanahan, MO

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Shannon, MN

Mr. Jack Shea, CA

Sr. Elizabeth Sheehy, CA

Ms. Susan M. Sheeren, NE

Mr. William J. Sherzer

Mr. John Shelley, CA

Mrs. Margaret M. Shiel, IL

Mr. William L. Shilley, CA

Mr. Chuck Siebenand, CA

Ms. Beatrice E. Sieber, MN

Mr. William Siebert, MI

Rev. Richard Siefer, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Siefken, LA

Ms. Catherine F. Siffin, IN

Mr. John Simmons, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Simpson, IL

Ms. Ellen J. Simpson, CO

C. Sinnett, MO

Sisters of Saint Anne, MA

Sisters of Saint Dominic, NJ

Sisters of Charity, NY

Sisters of Mercy, NY

Sisters of Saint Joseph of LaGrange, IL

Sisters of Saint Francis, CA

Sisters of Charity, IL

Sisters of Charity, PA

Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, IA

Sisters of Loretto, CO

Sisters of Mercy, TX

Sisters of Mercy, MO

Sisters of Saint Joseph, NY

Mrs. Patricia Sitkin, CA

Mr. Walter J. Sitkowski, NY

Mr. and Mrs. John Slevin, IL

Mr. John J. Sliemers, CO

Mr. Frank Slobig, DC

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Smart, MD

Ms. Kristine Smets, MD

Rev. James Smith, OH

Dr. Laurie Smith, MD

Sr. Charlotte Smith, NY

Rev. David L. Smith, C.S.Sp., PA

Ms. Geraldine A. Smith, WI

Ms. Mary Jane Smith, NY

Dr. William A. Smith, NJ

Ms. Maria Smith, NY

Mr. Joseph M. Smith, PA

Mr. John P. Smith, MD

Dr. Michele Mietus Snyder, CA

Mr. John J. Snyder, FL

Mrs. Ann L. Snyder, CA

Society of Saint Edmund, VT

Ms. Alice B. Somers, FL

Mr. Donald J. Somrak, OH

Mr. Gerard F. Songster, CT

Ms. Mary Anne Sonnenschein, MD

Ms. Margaret F. Soule, OH

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Southall, WA

Mr. John J. Sowinski, IL

Mrs. Patricia C. Sozanski, OH

Ms. Jeffry B. Spencer, CA

Mrs. Winifred Spencer, WI

Mr. Donald W. Spielman, NE

Rev. Joseph C. Spina, FL

Ms. Virginia A. Spinney, MA

Mr. Gary W. Spokes, NY

Ms. Kathleen Murphy Spreen, CA

Sr. Kathleen St. Martin, OR

St. Michael Parish, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Stafford, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Stalder, CA

Ms. Judith M. Stanley, CA

Rev. William G. Stanton, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Stanton, PA

Mrs. Vincent Stanton, MI

Mr. George Stapleton, IL

Rev. Msgr. Sylvester W. Staud, WV

Ms. Mary Staudemaier, WI

Mr. and Mrs. L. William Staudenmaier, Jr., WI

Ms. Therese Stawowy, CA

Sr. Rose Stec, CA

Mrs. Mary M. Steck, VT

Ms. Helen Steele, MT

Dr. and Mrs. Jan Stefanov, MO

Ms. Mary Ruth Stegman, NE

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Stein, KS

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Steinert, NJ

Ms. Marjorie H. Stephan, IL

Mr. and Mrs. G. Gregory Stephen, IL

Mr. Joseph D. Stephens, IN

Mrs. Ruth A. Stevens, MA

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Stewart, AZ

Ms. Corinne Ann Stoddard, WI

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Stokes, MD

Ms. Callie S. Stone, TN

Ms. JoAnn M. Stoneman, AZ

Mrs. Mary P. Storto, IL

Ms. Charlotte M. Streit, MO

Ms. Regina P. Stretch, NJ

Ms. Lisa Striebing, CA

Ms. Erika Strong, CA

Mr. A. John Strub, IA

Mrs. Marie Doris Sturm, WI

Mrs. Mary Sturtevant, OH

Ms. Carol M. Sudmeier, IA

Ms. Carolyn P. Sugars, CA

Mr. James T. Sugrue, NY

Sr. Noreen Sugrue, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Sullivan, IL

Sr. Mary D. Sullivan, RI

Mr. Joseph R, Sullivan, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Sullivan, VA

Ms. Margaret M. Sullivan, VA

Mr. James J. Sullivan, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Sullivan, WA

Ms. Gertrude L. Sullivan, NY

Rev. Robert J. Sullivan, NY

Mrs. Sally Anne Sullivan, CA

Ms. Sheila Sullivan, NH

Mr. Raymond J. Supino, NY

Ms. Mary Ann Surges, CO

Rev. Thomas Suriano, WI

Ms. Mary K. Swanston, PEI

Ms. Ann Marie Swartz, NJ

Ms. Rosemary E Swartz, NV

Mr. Thomas A. Sweeny, MO

Mr. Leighton J. Sweet, KS

Ms. Mary A. Sweetser, WA

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Swiontoniowski, IL

Mrs. Diana Tabone, NY

Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Tacheny, MN

Ms. Sylvia M. Tackowiak, WI

Mrs. Kathleen D. Taliaferro, VA

Ms. Elizabeth A. Taneyhill, MD

Mr. Edward C. Tanner, Jr., TX

Mr. Joseph R. Taylor, IL

Ms. Eleanor A. Taylor, MI

Rev. Michael Tegeder, MN

Sr. Carol Tenerovich, PA

Ms. Florence Tenerowicz, NY

Ms. Eleanor J. Tesluk, CA

Rev. Richard A. Tessmer, IL

The Cenacle, BC

Mr. Allen J. Theis, MI

Mr. William H. Theisen, WI

Dr. John F. Thesing, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thibodeau, AK

Tecla E. Thiman and Sheilah Callaghan, OR

Ms. Doris A. Thimmesh, MN

Rev. David T. Thomas, MO

Rev. Richard L. Thomas, WI

Raymond and Mary Place Thomas, OH

Ms. Dorothy Thomas, NC

Mr. Michael J. Thompson, PA

Ms. Margaret S. Thompson, NY

Rev. August Thompson, LA

Ms. Elizabeth S. Thomsen, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Throndson, IA

Mr. John Tickle, NM

Ms. Patricia Tierney, NY

Rev. Gerald L. Timmel, KY

Ms. Catherine L. Timmons, MI

Ms. Jeanne Timpanelli, CT

Mr. Ron Titus, TX

Mr. George W. Tobias, MI

Mr. William J. Tobin, VA

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Tomassi, KS

Mrs. Mildred R. Tordella, DE

Dr. James M. Tormey, PA

Ms. Elizabeth R. Torphy, RI

Mr. Donald W. Traina, CA

Mr. Joseph Trapp, IL

Mr. Robert J. Trauscht, IL

Ms. Mary Ann Trauscht, IL

Mr. John J. Traxler, CA

Ms. Kitty Jo Traxler, AZ

Rev. William Treacy, WA

Ms. Margaret Treanor, NJ

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Trepanier, MN

Ms. Patricia A. Tripeny, WY

Rev. Louis Trivison, OH

Ms. Mary Ellen Trottner, WI

Rev. Robert F. Tucker, CT

Ms. Delina A. Tumolo, PA

Ms. Shirley Tung, AZ

Mr. Darel J. Turner, MN

Mr. Robert F. Twynham, MD

Mr. John Tyron, IN

Mr. Joseph Tyrrell, IN

Mr. James R. Ullrich, TN

Mr. Thomas J. Ulrich, MD

Mrs. Gloria O. Ulterino, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Unsworth, IL

Ursuline Community, NY

Ms. Eleanor Utzig, NY

Zenaida E. S. Uy, PA

Rev. Anthony J. Vader, IL

Mrs. Dorothy Valerian, OH

Ms. Ann M. Van Hoff, NE

Ms. Nancy Vananne, CO

Mrs. Barbara D. Vandenameele, MI

Mr. Joseph G. Vandenheuvel, NM

Rev. James Vasil, PA

Ms. Patricia R. Vastine, IL

Mr. Edward F. Vastola, MO

Mrs. Mary M. Vaughan, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Vaughan, MD

Ms. Mary Ann Veit, MO

Mr. James C. Venter, NY

Ms. Cecilia A. Verdon, NY

Mr. and Mrs. James Verty, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Vestal, CO

Mr. Joseph Viditch, MI

Rev. David P. Vincent, OH

Vincentian Fathers and Brothers, CA

Ms. Kay Vlahos, IL

Mr. Robert Voelkle, NY

Ms. Barbara J. Voges, MI

Ms. Maryann C. Volk, PA

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Volkman, WI

Ms. Cecilia H. Volpati, NY

Mrs. Gloria M. Vosburg, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Leo L. Vosters, WI

Rev. Joseph E. Vujs, CT

Ms. Rachel C. Wahlberg, TX

Mr. Patrick J. Waide, Jr., CT

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walden, TX

Ms. Andrea Walker, VA

Dr. Ruth A. Wallace, DC

Ms. Marie Walsh, NY

Ms. Mary Walsh, PA

Ms. Marie G. Walsh, IL

Ms. E. Ann Walsh, FL

Rev. John Walsh, NY

Mr. Raymond R. Walsh, IL

Ms. Susan M. Walter, NC

Ms. Lavonne R. Walton, CO

Rev. Daniel Warden, TX

Ms. Mary Ann Waterman, MI

Dr. Sallie A. Watkins, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Watko, PA

Rev. John Watterson, RI

Mr. Charles Watts, IN

Col. Bernard A. Waxstein, Jr. (Ret.), CA

Ms. Josephine Weaver, MA

Mr. Robert W. Weber, WI

Mr. Donald J. Weber, CO

Mr. Robert H. Weber, CO

Ms. Dorothy M. Weber, IN

Mr. James Webster, VA

Ms. Christine A. Weeks, LA

Mr. Richard A. Weeks, OH

Dr. Ann T. Weick, KS

Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Weidinger, WA

Ms. Joan Weiss, NY

Mrs. Regina Weissert, IN

Mr. Richard Wekerle, ID

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Welch, NY

Ms. Sarah E. Wellinger, PA

Mr. Vincent G. Weltzer, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Wendrick, AZ

Mrs. Doris M. Wenig, AZ

Ms. Mary C. Wertz, MO

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. West, CA

Rev. Charles H. Wester, WI

Ms. Sheila M. Weston, CA

Mr. Robert J. Wetzel, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Greg M. Weyandt, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Weyhing, RI

Ms. Lucille Whalen, CA

Ms. Dolores C. Whalen, VA

Ms. Winifred Whelan, IL

Mrs. Maryrose Whelan, CA

Mr. John T. White, VA

Mr. James M. White, IL

Mr. John V. White, NC

Ms. Francine Wickes, ME

Ms. Ann M. Wilcox, ME

Mr. Paul Wilkes, NC

Mr. Edward C. Wilkie, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilkie, NM

Ms. Constance L. Wilkinson, CT

Mr. Gerald J. Williams, NJ

Mr. Horace B. Williams, CA

Ms. Kathleen C. Williams, CA

Mr. John M. Williams, WI

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Williams, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Willing, MI

Ms. Teresa F. Wilson, PA

Ms. Felicia Wilson, CT

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Wilusz, CT

Mr. Joseph H. Wimsatt, KY

Ms. Nell Wimsatt, KY

Dr. Carl J. Winkels, MN

Rev. George R. Winne, PA

Justus J. Wirth, TX

Ms. Jean Withrow and Mr. James Haggerty, NY

Ms. Robin M. Witt, IL

Ms. Mary P. Wolf, MI

Ms. Betsy R. Wolf, CO

Ms. Florence Wolf, MI

Mr. Adam Wolkovich, MA

Ms. Jeanne E. Woods, MA

Ms. Marguerite Wordell, KY

Mr. James R. Worsley, Jr., MD

Rev. George E. Wuellner, IL

Mrs. Mary Jo Wuenschel, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Wuller, MO

Ms. Donatta M. Yates, IL

Rev. Joseph J. Yeager, NC

Sr. Rita Yeasted, PA

Ms. Mary Yelenick, NY

Mr. Joseph B. Young, CA

Sr. Josephine Martin Young, CA

Mrs. Elaine Anne Young, MI

Mr. John W. Yrios, WI

Dr. Raymond E Zambito, NY

W. H. Zamzow, IL

Ms. Mary C. Zant, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zarrella, IN

Mr. Henry Zena, KY

Mr. William G. Zink, PA

Mrs. Mary I. Zotti, IL

Ms. Mary R. Zukowski, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Marius A. Zurat, IL

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METRO Group is first in Germany with self-checkout, a basis for the "future of retailing" concept.
NCR joins UA's ITRC.
Imprisoned Terrorists Studying at Hebrew University.

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