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Friends Brewing opens doors in Georgia.

Friends Brewing opens doors in Georgia

Georgia joined the microbrewery majority recently, becoming the 36th state to have a true mibrewery.

Friends Brewing Co. of Helen, GA. opened the doors of "The Brewery" in Helen. The Brewery will have an initial capacity of 1,000 barrels of Friends' Helenboch beer and Helenboch Oktoberfest beer.

The production of Oktoberfest marks another first for the state--the beer, available only during the weeks of Helen's annual Oktoberfest celebration, is the only Oktoberfest brew produced by an American brewery available in Georgia.

Helenboch will be distributed throughout North Georgia, especially in Atlanta and Helen. Production capacity will increase with demand, eventually yielding 4,000 barrels of Helenboch in the 3,400 square-foot facility.

"The support we've had, and the enthusiasm, especially in Atlanta and Helen, show just how taste for specially-blended beer has grown," said Friends president Dow Scoggins. "The amount of microbrewery products sold has increased nationwide by 4,000 percent since the early 1980s--from 5,000 barrels in 1982 to 200,000 barrels this year."

Scoggins explained that Helen seemed the logical place for the brewery, since it is modeled after an Bavarian alpine village. He also expects the brewery to attract many of the 1.3 million visitors to Helen annually who are eager to sample the local brew and watch its production.

"Helenboch, unlike imported beers which can be six months old before they reach the consumer, can reach the beer lover moments or hours after being packaged," said Scoggins. "And like most microbrewery products, Helenboch will be made only of yeast, hops, malted barley and water. Nothing, else, in adherence to the Bavarian purity pledge established centuries ago."

While the brewery is under construction, Helenboch will be produced by August Schell Brewing Co., so that Georgians may begin enjoying the brew recipe immediately, the president said.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 7, 1990
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