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Friends Brewing Co. reaches milestone 350,000th beer.

Friends Brewing Co. reaches milestone 350,000th beer

Into a stein so large it took three beers to fill it, the 350,000th (and the 350,001st and 350,002nd) Helenboch beer was poured last week at the Three Dollar Cafe in Buckhead, GA.

According to the Friends Brewing Co., the beer's producer, this most recent milestone holds special significance for the brewery and its award-winning Helenboch beer and Helenboch Oktoberfest beer.

"It took us approximately one year to sell the 100,000th Helenboch," said Friends' president Dow Scoggins. "And in less than a year we've more than doubled those sales to achieve our 350,000th.

"Additionally," Scoggins added, "the selling of this beer coincided with Friends' success in altering zoning ordinances to allow small brewing in Dekalb... meaning we soon hope to move the brewery to Atlanta."

Scoggins also noted that Helenboch is now available in more than 300 Atlanta locations, making it much more beneficial to have the brewery in an easily accessible area. The zoning measure amended the current county text to allow small breweries to operate in "heavy retail" (C-2) areas, not just in the city's manufacturing areas.

"A small brewery needs to be in a highly visible area," Scoggins explained. He also said one more measure must be passed for the specific site(s) Friends Brewing has identified, and that the company expects the new brewery to open by year's end.

Once the new Atlanta brewery is in place, Scoggins reported Friends plans to introduce a new golden ale, "Atlanta Gold," in addition to its existing Helenboch and Helenboch Oktoberfest products.

PHOTO : ANOTHER MILESTONE--Friends Brewing Co. recently poured its 350,000th Helenboch beer. On hand for the occasion were (left) Friends Brewery president Dow Scoggins and staff of the Three Dollar Cafe, where the beer was poured.
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Date:Aug 5, 1991
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