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Friend blend: the do's and don'ts of mixing your old crew with the new....

Got two groups of gal pals--one from summer camp, the other from school? Perhaps you're in private school this year but wouldn't dream of parting with your public school pals. Or maybe you moved and want to mix it up with girls from the new 'hood and the old. We show you how to successfully blend budding relationships with your lifelong friendships....

BABY STEPS Instead of trying to get all the girls together at once, introduce one or two at a time to each group. Think about which of your new buds is the most outgoing and wouldn't be intimidated by a new group. Then invite her along next time you hit the mall with the old gang. Know one of your old buds would rub the new girls the wrong way? Bring her around later when everyone's comfortable with each other.

MISS MATCH Make a mental list of each girl's traits, and match them up accordingly. You should be able to come up with at least two girls (one old and one new) who might be perfect as friends! Of course, this can be tricky. Jen and Brit could both be into punk music, but maybe Brit's a reclusive basement drummer while Jen likes to strum in the spotlight--major personality clash. Or perfect complement? Sometimes, you just have to wait and see.

SQUARE PEGS Be patient, and let the awkwardness wear off before determining whether or not a match is successful. Whatever you do, don't try to force a friendship. If a new and old friend don't hit it off, let it be. You can't expect people to gel if they're just not feelin' it.

NO SURPRISES Be sure neither side is opposed to meeting a new bud. Before bringing someone around, mention to the new and old crews how cool it would be if they met. Showing up with an outsider--unannounced--might come off like a sneak attack.

GET IT TOGETHER Once you've gotten a few friends from each group to click, plan something everyone will enjoy. Just never forget the most important rules of friendship: Always honor your old buds, act loyally, and treat all your friends with respect. Don't invite your new gang to your old crew's annual end-of-summer outdoor bash. What to do instead? Who doesn't love no-appointment-necessary group manicures!
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