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Fried from the inside.

Crews, staying away from the AN/ARC-220 high frequency radio antenna when it's keyed up protects your innards from being fried.

Never get within three feet of the high-powered antenna when the pilot or crew chief is self-testing the radio or transmitting.

The farther away you are from the antenna, the safer you'll be. Touching the antenna when it is operating can light you up like lightning.

Also, don't assume that it's safe to get close just because the blades aren't turning or the engines aren't running. Not so!

If the aircraft has power and the pilot or crew chief left the radio in the automatic link establishment (ALE) mode, it can still harm you.

In ALE mode, the radio is not off and the antenna puts out radiation that can burn you.

In all modes except OFF, you won't feel any heat but--like a hotdog in a microwave--you'll be cooking from the inside out! Make sure the radio is off when you're around your bird.

And never stand any closer than three feet when it's on transmitting, or in test mode.
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