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Fried eggs. (Trash).

Jay Adams is plotting an Underground Pool Duel Invitational. It will be held in three undisclosed backyard swimming pools and limited to 25 invitees. There is talk of a "Step Up and Throw Down $100,000.00 total budget for this little chingadero." David Hackett, Tony Magnusson, and Adams were observed free falling at 15,000 feet from an airplane over Haliewa, Oahu in training for this politically poetic insult to the status quo. "The Beast," AKA Warren Bolster, is compiling a glossy coffee table book of his life's work in con junction with Steve "Honey Bear" Pezman, Jeff Girard and "Smokey" Scott Huellit. Bolster's epic Greg Weaver, Dennis Shufeldt, Alva, Adams, Bertelman, Aipa, Buttons, Terry Fitzgerald and Rabbit Kekai stuff will all be in there. Warren was the most powerful media presence in skating until he ran afoul of the corporation types who took over Skateboarder Mag aways back. At this instant the Beast is alleged to be "conditioning himself" in Thailand. The former Mrs. Bolster, who is an ex-Playboy Bunny, was unavailable for comment.

Andy MacDonald named his new dog Nishi. Is this a move to engender himself with the notorious photographer Nishi of Japan? Were not the two seen together on the Huck a Buck Jam Tour? Mac Andy was definitely viewable along with Pat Channita in the luxury lodge section of a recent Cleveland Indians game.

The EBay degeneracy continues. Tony Alva's slightly worn-hat and China-sample-demo Vans just went for $500.00. Chunks of Philadelphia's love Park are being auctioned off daily. The newest EBay record is rumored to be $6,500.00 for a Tony Hawk Bones Brigade prototype.

"Fuck what you think" and other pieces adorned the walls of the Chip Morton exhibition at Red's Gallery in Point Loma, CA. Morton appears to be aesthetically regrouping from the Rolling Stone expose that depicted him as a plaster caster of female anatomical parts.

National Geographic (the channel) aired Pete Connelly's documentary on pool skating.
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