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Friday Live: Giant step for Jaffa after split.

Byline: Stephen Johnson

SCRATCH master supreme DJ Jaffa is looking to bounce back from the demise of Erban Poets with a new project called Green Giants.

And hip hop fans will be able to catch Green Giants' first official performance next Thursday at the monthly Higher Learning session at The Toucan.

After winning the best new band award at the Diesel sponsored Urban Music awards 2000, Erban Poets' profile rocketed and it looked as if they would make the allimportant break from the South Wales hip hop scene. But at the start of this year vocalist Kari went to Australia, found love, married and is remaining Down Under.

While waiting for Kari's return, Nathan threw himself into his job with the National Black Youth Forum position which he wants to dedicate his energies to, leaving little room for Erban Poets.

Rather than let the split get him down, Jaffa quickly bounced back with the Green Giants project.

``I was a bit gutted when Erban Poets split because we were going well, but then these things happen, don't they, and you have to move on.

``I've been doing this for too long to give up and with Green Giants I'll get the chance to do something more diverse.

``Even while Erban Poets were going I was involved in a number of other different projects creating other kinds of music other than that Erban Poets mix of jazz, reggae and hip hop.

``With Green Giants I'll get the chance to do something more experimental and come up with something different.'' The main creative forces behind Green Giants are Jaffa and Sparky (Mark Alan) a former member of the Underdogs.

The pair have worked together before, so it only seemed natural that the pair should finally get together on a more formal basis. And they have also been working on tracks with a singer called Emily.

``I've done tracks with Sparky over the years and we both know what each other is all about.

``We have five tracks in the bag and a number of tracks from our back catalogue and a couple of tracks which we will be testing the water with to see how the crowd reacts. ``There's also a track which I've been kicking around for about a year called How's Life in Cardiff, and we will be looking to end with that, people like Captain and Jason from Higher Learning and Junior Disprol have all said they will be doing something, so we should end with a load of people up on stage.''

Green Giants play Higher Learning at the Toucan Club, on Thursday, September 5.


GIANT STEPS Jaffa and Sparky
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 30, 2002
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