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Friction tester overcomes risk of inconsistencies.

A new friction tester from Hanatek provides static and dynamic COF values and a force curve showing the full surface profile. It complies with the latest version of ASTMD 1894 which calls for a fixed link between the load cell and the sled rather than a cord to give more repeatable results for static and dynamic slip. This also eliminates "slip stiction" a problem when the sled judders across the measurement surface. Hanatek says the standard also calls for sled placement with fixed dwell time because hand placement of the sled leads to uncertain results for static slip: the fixed dwell time ensures that all samples have the same amount of contact time before testing, without which there can be inconsistencies on certain coatings/plastic formulations. An optional paper and board friction test attachment makes the instrument compliant with ISO 15359.

The touch screen and interface allow the Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester to be used as a simple pass/fail QC instrument or as a research tool with full friction force characterisation. It is pre-loaded with ISO/ASTM/TAPPI/ FINAT test methods and has pictorial help screens. Users can create bespoke tests for all methods.


The instrument generates real time force curves showing in detail the friction profile of the tested material. All results can be compared graphically to a previously tested reference. The graph can also be overlaid to help understand batch to batch consistency and quality.

Other tests which can be carried out include 90 deg, 180 deg and T-peel strength, substrate tear strength and blocking testing.

To better simulate the environment in which the end product win be used there is an optional heated measurement platen to enable testing to be done at temperatures up to 110 deg C.
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Title Annotation:testing & inspection
Comment:Friction tester overcomes risk of inconsistencies.(testing & inspection)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Mar 1, 2009
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