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Friar Starbuck's. (News).

ROME -- Pope John Paul II recently beatified his 1,310th person: Marco D'Aviano, a 17th-century Capuchin friar credited with inventing the cappuccino coffee drink. This credit, though, is widely disputed, even by those promoting D'Aviano's cause for sainthood.

What historians know for sure is that he was sent to Vienna in 1683 to unite the Christian armies against an impending Turkish invasion The Christians were victorious in the end, and legend has it that the Turks left behind sacks of coffee beans.

The Christians found the drink too bitter and so D'Aviano thought to sweeten it with honey and milk--hence cappuccino, named after the Capuchin order.

Some feared that Blessed Marco's beatification would spark controversy due to its relation to the tense situation between Christians and Muslims that still exists today, but it seems that most of the controversy ended up being over a cup of joe.
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Title Annotation:Pope John Paul II beatifiesMarco D'Aviano
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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