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Fresh laughs: Suzanne Westenhoefer's new CD plugs into all our favorite reasons to bitch.

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"Driving With My Girlfriend." "Lesbians and Their Animals." All you have to see are the track titles on comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer's new CD, Guaranteed Fresh, to know she's got you nailed. Westenhoefer is the most straight-talking lesbian in comedy: Her humor comes not from an off-kilter persona, elaborate set-ups, or shock value, but an understanding of the intense silliness of everyday life.

Lesbians and gay men in relationships will be especially entertained, with routines about fighting on mobile phones ("My cell just went dead--I must have entered into the extended area where you can't bitch at me!"), having sex at your parents' house ("crappy, quiet sex"), and intracouple division of labor ("I can't fix anything. I am the worst lesbian on the planet"). Westenhoefer also mintages hysterical takes on standbys like cats, lesbian hair, and Martha Stewart.

Recorded at a live show in Santa Cruz, Calif., Fresh has real-life lesbian hoots and laughter to help you along, but you won't need it. Listening to this CD is like having coffee with your best, funniest girlfriend, the one who can make you laugh even on your worst day.
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Author:Steele, Bruce C.
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Jun 24, 2003
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