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Fresh Coffee Hours Later.

Fresh Brew is a patented product that helps maintain coffee's freshly brewed flavor and aroma for hours. The 3 5/8-inch copper disc sits directly on both consumer and commercial drip coffeemaker burners, slightly raising the coffee carafe with its for "flavor dimples." Then convection action evenly disperses and controls the flavor-destroying heat patterns and helps to prevent bitter coffee and burnt pots. In addition to maintaining the flavor of freshly brewed coffee, Fresh Brew saves money every day. An environmentally conscious product, Fresh Brew helps eliminate water, energy and coffee waste.

Affiliated Inventors Foundation, Inc, which evaluates new products, gave Fresh Brew a FiveStar Plus rating for product benefits, concepts, design, uniqueness, and performance. Fresh Brew can be found in retail stores throughout the United States.
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Title Annotation:Fresh Brew
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Date:Oct 20, 2001
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