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Fres at heart of Dsei?

There is little doubt that the Fres programme will be a centre of many attentions at the DSEi exhibition in September 2007 following the British Ministry of Defence' decision in June 2007 to shortlist the Nexter VBCI, the Piranha IV Evolution and the Boxer as candidates for the Fres test and evaluation programme. The victims of this down-selection are the Patria AMV, the Iveco Centauro-based vehicle and most surprisingly the BAE Systems Hagglunds Sep. The Fres programme seems to have been put into overdrive as trials were expected to commence in early July with an outright winner selection in November 2007. It remains to see who is likely to be chosen as the final system integrator.

The photo seen here is one of the first of the latest VBCI rolled out by Nexter. Known as the PS, it was built on company funds and is to be used by its owner, Nexter, for potential customer tests around the world. This is the vehicle that will be put through its paces in Britain. It has a road range of 750 km and a top speed of 100 km/h, an internal volume of over 13 cubic metres with full air conditioning and NBC protection. The type is already in production and is Hercules transportable.
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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