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Frequently asked questions.

Question: How do I update my officer photo in my Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)?

Answer: All officers are required to have a full-length color photograph in their official military file, according to NAVADMIN 103/07. (Ref: NR/rdonlyres/1902A11F-71A7-486E-A3E7-3F7BB3480109/0/NAV07103.txt).

When official Navy or Department of Defense facilities are not available, officers are authorized to use commercial sources. If commercial sources are unavailable, officer may submit any color photograph that complies with the requirements outlined in MILPERSMAN 1070-180. These requirements include:

* Display a full-length (head-to-toe), three-quarter view of the member (left shoulder forward).

* Use a plain, flat background to provide sufficient contrast to highlight details of the uniform.

* Printed photo must be four inches wide, six inches high. A menu or hand-lettered title board must be placed at or near the member's left foot so it is clearly readable in the finished photograph, containing the following identifying data in two inch high letters:

1. Member's last name, first name and middle initial(s).

2. Grade, last four digits of the social security number, and designator.

3. Date photograph taken (day, month, year).

An example of what should be included on the title board is:



17 APR 11

Per MILPERSMAN 1070-180, photographs must be attached to NAVPERS 1070/884. This is available for download at: mil/NR/rdonlyres/E662EF24-FC7F-4DB1-87EE- 82D8CB163AEF/0/NAVPERS1070884.pdf.

Photographs must be mailed to:

Navy Personnel Command


5720 Integrity Dr.

Millington, TN 38055-3120

For additional questions, contact Records Management Policy Branch PERS-312E at (901) 874-3406.

Question: How do I earn a subspecialty and how do I get it reflected in my record?

Answer: Officer subspecialty codes provide the Navy and the Supply Corps with a means to track specific skill sets beyond those described by an officer's designator. The skill sets can be acquired through either advanced education or significant experience. You may request a subspecialty by submitting a letter of application to Navy Personnel Command (PERS 45E) via email at, or via mail to:

Department of the Navy

Navy Personnel Command


5720 Integrity Drive

Millington, TN 38055-4400

Educational requests must:

* Include transcripts (legible copy; does not have to be sealed from registrar)

* Include Course Descriptions (use school catalog)

* Include a return e-mail address and/or phone number

Experience requests must:

* Include Fitness reports for experience periods (18 month minimum) * Include command endorsement letter * Include a return e-mail address or phone number

Common subspecialty codes for Supply Corps officers are:

* 1301 - Supply Acquisition/Distribution Management (MBA)

* 1302 - Supply Inventory/Supply Chain Management

* 1306 - Acquisition and Contract Management

* 1307 - Petroleum Management

* 311* - Financial management (3111: Comptroller; 3112: Major Comptroller)

* 3212 - Operations Research Analysis - Logistics Subspecialty codes suffixes are:

* Q - Masters level of education with follow on experience

* P - Masters level of education (Navy sponsored)

* G - Masters level of education (non-Navy sponsored)

* R - Multiple experience tours 18+ months each

* S - One 18+ month tour Notes:

If an officer is requesting an experience subspecialty code based on their current tour, they will have had to be in that billet for at least 18 months.

In order for your transcript to become part of your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), you must have an official transcript sent to PERS 45E at the address above.

If the billet the experience request is based on is not coded for the requested subspecialty, then the duties of the billet must be closely related to the core skill requirements for the requested subspecialty.

Further, officers must document these duties in their fitness reports.

* Example letters can be found by clicking the link in "References" below and scrolling to "Examples of Coding Requests."


1. MILPERSMAN 1214-010 and NAVPERS 15839I. (

For additional questions, contact PERS-45E at 901-874-4992.
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