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French-Pressed pea consomme with carrot marshmallows and eucalyptus sorbet.

For the consomme:
1 pound spring peas, blanched
2 quarts water
2 quarts ice
Salt to taste
For the marshmallows:
1 cup carrot juice
7 ounces granulated sugar
1 ounce glucose
2 ounces water
10 sheets gelatin, softened in cold water
8 egg whites
For the sorbet:
2 cups simple syrup
1 ounce eucalyptus
2 cups plain yogurt
For the grilled lemon:
2 Meyer lemons, halved, flesh and pith removed
1 teaspoon olive oil
Salt to taste
To serve:
1 cup pea tendrils
Olive oil to taste
Sea salt to taste

For the consomme: In blender, combine peas, water and ice and puree until smooth. Strain through fine-mesh sieve lined with paper filter. Season with salt, transfer to French press and refrigerate.

For the marshmallows: In small saucepan, bring carrot juice to boil and reduce by half. In medium pot, combine sugar, glucose and water and heat to 120 degrees. Squeeze excess water from gelatin and place in bowl of mixer fitted with paddle attachment. While mixing on low speed, slowly add hot sugar mixture. Raise speed to medium-high and slowly add carrot juice. In separate bowl, whip egg whites to soft peaks. Fold into sugar mixture. Pour into shallow pan, cover and refrigerate. Using 1-inch ring mold, cut into circles.

For the sorbet: In small saucepan, bring syrup just up to simmer, add eucalyptus and remove from heat. Let steep 30 minutes. Strain through fine-mesh sleve and let cool. In bowl, combine syrup and yogurt. Transfer to container, cover and freeze.

For the grilled lemonPreheat grill Coat lemon rinds with oil and season with salt. Grill for 45 seconds on each side. Let cool, then julienne finely.

To serve: In bowl, toss pea tendrils and grilled lemon with olive oil and sea salt and place in center of bowl. Arrange marshmallows around and top with quenelle of sorbet. Pour consomme tableside from French press.


Pascal Rollet

Burgundy, France 2002
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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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