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Secret remedies and the medical needs of the French state: the career of Adrien Helvetius, 1662-1727. Rivest, Justin Report Dec 22, 2016 11064
Revolutionary connection: "the Incorruptible" Maximilian Robespierre and the "Schoolmaster of Chartism" Bronterre O'Brien. Turner, Michael J. Essay Jun 22, 2013 10894
Communists and French railway workers, 1920-1934: the Parisian leadership of the Cheminots Unitaires. Beaumont, Thomas Report Jan 1, 2013 6847
Trading on cultural capital: Madame de Stael's politics of literature. Guenther, Beatrice Essay Mar 22, 2012 8236
Stigmata of the autopsy: operative liberties and protocol in forensic examination of the dead body in nineteenth-century France. Menenteau, Sandra Report Mar 22, 2011 7080
Economic growth and the separation of church and state: the French case. Franck, Raphael Oct 1, 2010 12680
The language of stained-glass windows. Brew, Charl Anne Sep 29, 2010 1035
Isaac Louverture's Memoires: a nineteenth-century representation of black masculinity in the name of the father. Saint-Aubin, Arthur F. Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 9515
On Pioneering Wings in France. Essay Jun 22, 2010 9574
The man who said 'non': exiled in London in June 1940, with France on the brink of defeat, Charles de Gaulle broadcast a speech that was to create an enduring bond between him and his country. Fenby, Jonathan Jun 1, 2010 3624
Civil rights meets decolonization: transnational visions of the struggle for racial equality in France and America. Stovall, Tyler Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 6141
Tide of decadence: French art from 1500-1800. Morgan, Julian Nov 1, 2009 1592
Carcassonne falls in the Albigensian crusade: Aug 15 1209. Cavendish, Richard Aug 1, 2009 827
Suu Kyi stocks up on le Carre, French history books as part of her prison reading list. Jul 31, 2009 365
Monsters in the village? Incest in nineteenth century France. Giuliani, Fabienne Report Jun 22, 2009 7530
Fashioning heritage: regional costume and tourism in Brittany, 1890-1937. Young, Patrick Report Mar 22, 2009 13090
Perennite et presence d'un mythe Jeanne d'Arc, l'Europeenne? Rigolet, Yann Report Mar 22, 2009 14994
Role and impact of intellectual factor in the 18th-20th centuries' European conception of 'Jews as Jews': a revisitation. Wuriga, Rabson Report Mar 22, 2009 8834
France 1709: le crunch: already rocked by defeats in the War of the Spanish Succession, Louis XIV's France faced economic meltdown as the chaotic nature of its finances became apparent. Guy Rowlands discovers striking parallels with the current credit crunch as he charts the crisis that was to lead, ultimately, to the French Revolution. Rowlands, Guy Feb 1, 2009 3802
Was Joan of Arc genetically male? Warren, Patricia Nell Biography Jan 1, 2009 5516
Forgotten soldiers: Tony Chafer examines the paradoxes and complexities that underlie belated recognition of the contribution of African soldiers to the liberation of France in 1944. Chafer, Tony Nov 1, 2008 2091
Invisible cities: Tom McDonough on Henri Lefebvre's The Explosion. McDonough, Tom Critical essay May 1, 2008 4664
Memory and atonement: Valerie Krips, on the cultural memory of Dunkirk. Krips, Valerie Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2008 1495
Vimy Ridge Memorial: stone with a story. Scott, Jill Essay Dec 22, 2007 2918
All roads lead to the sea. Mays, Anna; Candelari, Francesco Oct 1, 2007 1788
"Vive 'Mademoiselle'!" the politics of singleness in early twentieth-century French feminism. Mansker, Andrea Sep 22, 2007 10244
The history of the history of the salon. Chesney, Duncan Mccoll Sep 22, 2007 6974
Rare books and revolutionaries: Andrew Pettegree asks why so many small towns in France have magnificent libraries of rare books. Pettegree, Andrew Jun 1, 2007 2617
Shock and oar: Mary Rose an the fear French galleys: this year marks the 25th anniversary of the recovery of Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose from the seabed of the Solent. David Childs examines how her long career was influenced by the threat of French naval galleys and how these may have contributed to her loss. Childs, David Apr 1, 2007 3714
Bikinis and breastplates: Richard Vinen ponders the political significance of two of France's most potent female icons and finds there is more to them than meets the eye. Vinen, Richard Apr 1, 2006 2501
The birth of Marie Antoinette: November 2nd, 1755. Nov 1, 2005 632
The Gaulish and the feudal as lieux de memoire in post-war French abstraction. Harris, Steven Jun 1, 2005 7090
The politics of counter-memory on the French extreme right. Flood, Christopher Jun 1, 2005 6194
From the 4th to the 21st century: a young Benedictine reflects on the history and present reality of women's religious life. Ryan, Antonia Feb 25, 2005 3042
The great fear of 1947 could France have gone communist? Martin Evans and Emmanuel Godin ask how close was France to becoming a Communist country in the years after the Second World War. Evans, Martin; Godin, Emmanuel Jan 1, 2005 3294
Napoleon is crowned Emperor of the French: December 2nd, 1804. Cavendish, Richard Dec 1, 2004 783
Birth of Louis XVI of France: August 23rd, 1754. Cavendish, Richard Aug 1, 2004 711
Outline of a Doctrine of French Policy: (August 27, 1945). Kojeve, Alexandre Aug 1, 2004 18889
Mary Queen of Scots and the French connection: Alexander Wilkinson considers what the French made of the controversial royal who played a pivotal role in the French wars of religion, both as Queen of Scots and Queen of France. Wilkinson, Alexander Jul 1, 2004 3322
French missionary expansion in colonial Upper Tonkin. Michaud, Jean Jun 1, 2004 12609
Vae Victis! Adolphe Rette. Pierssens, Michel Mar 22, 2004 4467
Contemporary French social history: crisis or hidden renewal? Charle, Christophe Sep 22, 2003 5786
Amalgamating the social in the French Revolution. Censer, Jack R. Sep 22, 2003 2523
What if Napoleon had landed? John Cookson asks what might have happened had Napoleon actually landed on British soil in 1803-5. Cookson, John Sep 1, 2003 3142
The globalisation of sport: Mike Cronin and Richard Holt, discover the roots of international sport in France. (Sport & Society). Cronin, Mike; Holt, Richard Jul 1, 2003 3641
Culture in the cities: provincial academies during the early years of Louis XIV's reign. Brennan, Katherine Stern Apr 1, 2003 12940
Quel horizon l'on voit du haut de la barricade. Best, Janice Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 7149
Friends and strangers. Engle, John Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 4225
I see France: priorities in nonfiction. Knox, Edward C. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 7609
Cardnal Richelieu: hero or villain? Robert Knecht looks at the `eminence rouge' and considers how his image, carefully crafted during his lifetime, has become that of a demonic schemer. Knecht, Robert Mar 1, 2003 3602
Healing the body politic: French royal doctors, history, and the birth of a nation 1560-1634. Soll, Jacob Dec 22, 2002 11975
Boniface VIII's bull Unam Sanctam. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Nov 1, 2002 540
"Maid" of piety and patriotism: Joan of Arc, nicknamed "the Maid," was one of history's first modern patriot/nationalists. Her unique blend of piety and patriotism laid the foundation for a free, unified France. (History: Struggle for Freedom). Bonta, Steve Aug 12, 2002 4213
The battle of the golden spurs: July 11th, 1302. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 344
The medieval euro: Simon Coupland introduces the single European currency of Louis the Pious. (Cross Current). Coupland, Simon Jun 1, 2002 1777
A Napoleonic treasure hunt: Robert Knecht describes his quest to unravel a mystery originating in the French defeat in the Battle of the Nations. Knecht, Robert Apr 1, 2002 5170
The Peace of Amiens signed: March 25th, 1802. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 436
The Dreyfus affair. Adler, Joseph Jan 1, 2002 3638
"Tout mon office:" Body politics and family dynamics in the verse epitres of Marguerite de Navarre (*). Middlebrook, Leah Dec 22, 2001 13526
Political pathologies: Barnave and the question of national identity in revolutionary France. (1) (Abstract/Resume analytique). Bates, David Biography Dec 1, 2001 12656
Postpositivist interpretations of the Chemical Revolution. (1) (Abstract/Resume analytique). McEvoy, John Dec 1, 2001 7996
`Napoleon' mini storms Central Europe. MEILS, CATHY Brief Article Oct 8, 2001 875
Humour as a strategy in propaganda film: the case of a French cartoon from 1944. Delporte, Christian Sep 1, 2001 4402
Comic songs in the Occupation. Lloyd, Christopher Sep 1, 2001 6173
The Empire Within: The Colonial Popular Front in France, 1934-1938. Genova, James E. Apr 1, 2001 15371
THE POISONS AFFAIR. Oliver, Reggie Mar 1, 2001 3714
Missions Impossible: Pomponne de Bellievre and the Policies of Henry III. Dickerman, Edmund H.; Walker, Anita M. Dec 1, 2000 10577
St. Guinefort. MACY, GARY Brief Article Oct 13, 2000 204
The French Surrender Malta. Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 481
Best of enemies: divided by 20 miles of water, France and England are old friends, neighbours and rivals ... Stallybrass, Andrew Jun 1, 2000 3055
A Private Bank at War: J.P Morgan & Co. and France, 1914-1918. Horn, Martin Mar 22, 2000 12814
PROJECTING A GREATER FRANCE. Evans, Martin Feb 1, 2000 3491
Napoleon Takes Power in France November 9th/10th, 1799. Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 720
Review Essay: Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past, vol. 2, Tradition. Amato, Joseph Jun 22, 1999 1850
THE NAPOLEONIC POLICE AND THEIR LEGACY. Broers Michael Biography May 1, 1999 3449
EXIT DE GAULLE. Johnson, Douglas Apr 1, 1999 2682
Coupable d'etre nee: adolescente a Auschwitz. Book Review Jan 1, 1999 1503
Vichy et l'eternel feminin. Book Review Jan 1, 1999 840
Louis Napoleon elected President of France. Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Dec 1, 1998 784
The Utopian Mayeux: Henri de Saint-Simon meets the bossu a la mode. Menon, Elizabeth K. Aug 1, 1998 10607
Papon in perspective. Vinen, Richard Jul 1, 1998 2069
'Useless mouths'. McGlynn, Sean Jun 1, 1998 3533
The Edict of Nantes. Apr 1, 1998 398
Reflections d'outre-mer on French colonialism. Schalk, David L. Mar 1, 1998 8524
Les Temps modernes and the French war in Indochina. Drake, David Mar 1, 1998 7278
Camus, Sartre and the Algerian war. Cohen-Solal, Annie Mar 1, 1998 3274
French culture and the Algerian war: mobilizing icons. Dine, Philip Mar 1, 1998 7535
Questions of decolonization and post-colonialism in the ideology of the French extreme right. Flood, Christopher; Frey, Hugo Mar 1, 1998 8905
Napoleon's impact on international relations. Black, Jeremy Biography Feb 1, 1998 3258
Sacred mysteries and holy memories: counter-revolutionary France and the Sacre-Coeur. Jonas, Raymond Dec 1, 1997 6761
The afterlife of Henry of Navarre. Salmon, J.H.M. Cover Story Oct 1, 1997 4228
A fatal guarantee: Poland, 1939. Henderson, Nicholas Oct 1, 1997 4885
Magical emasculation, popular anticlericalism, and the limits of the reformation in Western France circa 1590. Robbins, Kevin C. Sep 22, 1997 11650
Living memory: French intellectuals and the experience of phoney war, 1939-1940. Cornick, Martyn Sep 1, 1997 9235
Urban musical culture in late medieval southern France: evidence from private notarial contracts. Peters, Gretchen Aug 1, 1997 4487
The crusades of St Louis. Lloyd, Simon Biography May 1, 1997 4177
Francis I of France dies at Rambouillet: March 31st, 1547. Biography Mar 1, 1997 1150
Victims of genocide and national memory: Belgium, France and the Netherlands 1945-1965. Lagrou, Pieter Feb 1, 1997 17019
Joan of Arc - Mont St. Michel a pilgrimage. David Dooley Dec 1, 1996 3082
The sale of offices in French history. Doyle, William Sep 1, 1996 3333
A choice not to wed? Unmarried women in eighteenth-century France. Adams, Christine Jun 22, 1996 6159
Parisian litterateurs, provincial journeys and the construction of national unity in post-revolutionary France. Gerson, Stephane May 1, 1996 14512
Cardinal Mazarin. Wilkinson, Richard Biography Apr 1, 1996 3925
Ouvriers, la patrie et la revolution. Book Review Mar 22, 1996 972
Mind of an assassin: Ravaillac and the murder of Henry IV of France. Walker, Anita W.; Dickerman, Edmund H. Biography Aug 1, 1995 14696
Cleric-diplomats and the sixteenth-century French state. Burns, Loretta T. Jun 22, 1995 5171
The U.S. women's motor corps in France, 1914-1921. Chuppa-Cornell, Kimberly Jun 22, 1995 5123
Race, slavery, and the law in early modern France. Peabody, Sue Jun 22, 1995 4136
The long march of Francois Mitterrand. Vinen, Richard Biography Mar 1, 1995 2438
Thailand's war with Vichy France. Paloczi-Horvath, George Mar 1, 1995 4538
Liberty caps and liberty trees. Harden, J. David Feb 1, 1995 13347
The strange birth of liberal France. Lilla, Mark Sep 22, 1994 8238
'The nation in arms': Germany and France, 1789-1939. Bartov, Omer Cover Story Sep 1, 1994 3839
Pour la sauvegarde du roi et du royaume: L'expulsion des Jesuites de France a la fin des guerres de religion. Waele, Michel de Aug 1, 1994 6652
Bismarck and the containment of France: 1873-1877. Stone, James Aug 1, 1994 12394
Apparitions and the public sphere in seventeenth-century France. Beam, Sara Apr 1, 1994 10653
Distorted mirrors. Lowenthal, David Bibliography Feb 1, 1994 2166
French school teachers against militarism, 1903-18. Feeley, Francis Jan 1, 1994 5298
Guy Thuillier: "Paris will save nothing." Amato, Joseph Dec 22, 1993 2522
Fontainebleau. Giry-Deloison, Charles Nov 1, 1993 1936
Medieval canon formation and the rise of royal historiography in old French prose. Spiegel, Gabrielle M. Sep 1, 1993 9438
The east Sussex land market and agrarian class structure in the late Middle Ages. Mate, Mavis E. May 1, 1993 9146
French elections, 1789-1848. Crook, Malcolm Mar 1, 1993 3019
Educating child labourers in France: the parliamentary debates of 1840. Koepke, Robert L. Dec 1, 1992 8656
A question of honour? Scuttling Vichy's fleet. Clayton, Anthony Nov 1, 1992 3374
Rewriting Vichy after fifty years. Carrier, Peter Nov 1, 1992 2004
Bad memories. Singer, Daniel Editorial May 25, 1992 438
1789 and all that: dancing on the grave of revolution. Singer, Daniel Feb 6, 1989 2748

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