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French fries at home so-so.


French Fries                                   YOUNGER  OLDER

Good restaurant                                 4.6      4.8

Purchase fresh potatoes and fry at home         4.0      4.5

Fast food restaurant                            3.7      4.0

Purchase frozen French fries and bake at home   2.7      3.5

Considering how many zillion pounds of frozen French fries Americans consume, the quality ratings fries baked at home are pretty ghastly. It would be interesting to know how many consumers fry (instead of bake) the frozen French fries to get them closer to the taste of "real" French fries.

* "I bake them just enough to get them dry-- then saute them in hot oil. They come out tasting better than what I usually get at a fast food restaurant, but that's partly because they are really hot and it's hard to get really hot fries at the fast food stores."

There was a time when McDonald's had French fries that lots of consumers and gourmet chefs like Craig Claiborne thought were wonderful. Then, under intense pressure from the heart community and health activists (including "Who's Killing America" advertising led by people who believed that McDonald's caused their heart attacks), McDonald's gave up using beef fat as their frying medium and the days of fabulous fast food fries were kaput.

Twenty years have gone by since McDonald's gave up beef tallow and came as close to it as they could by adding a secret "natural flavoring." Many people stopped eating McDonald's French fries for many reasons, but main among them was the belief that the taste was no longer worth dying for. It's interesting to read that today's shoppers expect fries at a good restaurant to be much better than the fries at McDonald's. Ray Kroc would turn over in his grave!

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Date:May 1, 2010
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