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Collectors' Focus French art deco. Crichton-Miller, Emma Sep 1, 2020 1371
The age of Folly. Stammers, Tom Sep 1, 2016 2800
Culture for everyone? Bickerton, Emilie Jul 1, 2016 3137
French invasion. Calendar May 1, 2014 121
As only the French can do it. Cover story Mar 1, 2013 911
From the archives: Peter Cannon-Brookes, writing on the Davies sisters in March 1979, declined to mention that the authenticity of their Turners was under scrutiny. With the paintings now confirmed to be Turner's work, how far is attribution a movable feast? O'Byrne, Robert Jan 1, 2013 762
Agenda: Apollo's guide to what's on around the world in January. Calendar Jan 1, 2013 564
The fabric of impressionism: artists in 19th-century Paris grasped the importance of fashion, drawing on its aesthetics and cultural resonance to define and enrich their work. Miller, Sanda Dec 1, 2012 1114
Collectors' focus: the market for French 18th-century furniture has declined in recent years following a shift in taste, but that could be about to change. Elaborately decorated items from this golden age are being recast as elegant showpieces in contemporary interiors. Crichton-Miller, Emma Sep 1, 2012 1263
"Paris-Delhi-Bombay ...": CENTRE POMPIDOU, PARIS. Dadlani, Chanchal Oct 1, 2011 940
The Orsay. Bausch, Ladd Poem Sep 22, 2011 216
"Chefs-d'oeuvre?". Kort, Pamela Oct 1, 2010 1822
The French connection: some visual and literary sources for the French connection in Hemingway's "The Light of the World". Giemza, Bryan Sep 22, 2010 6308
Remarkable and curious: the quantity and superb quality of 18th-century French furniture in English collections is testament to the British passion for their neighbours' designs, yet the presence of these works is little known in the UK or abroad. Pick, Michael Sep 1, 2010 3964
Tide of decadence: French art from 1500-1800. Morgan, Julian Nov 1, 2009 1592
Flowers in wood: in the January 1968 issue, Geoffrey de Bellaigue described the rigorous demands placed on the craftsmen specialising in the marquetry of 18th-century French furniture. de Bellaigue, Geoffrey Reprint Jan 1, 2009 472
King Arthur of Brittany: David Platzer visits Rennes for an exhibition exploring the legacy of the Arthurian legends in French art and literature. Platzer, David Oct 1, 2008 827
Madame Boucher and Madame Chardin. Bruce, Donald Sep 22, 2008 1429
La gloire francaise: the decorative arts of ancien regime France have for two centuries or more been the favourite style of the wealthy the world over. Can this last? Hall, Michael Sep 1, 2008 634
Art a la francaise: this month Paris hosts the world's most beautiful art and antiques fair, the Biennale des Antiquaires. Susan Moore selects some highlights of this great feast of French art and taste. Moore, Susan Sep 1, 2008 1247
French art the American way: the American collector Rodica Seward, owner of Tajan, France's best-known private auction house, has a missionary passion for modern French art. She talks to Louise Nicholson. Nicholson, Louise Sep 1, 2008 1662
Queen of calumnies? This exhibition's attempt to rehabilitate Marie-Antoinette is undermined by its design. Vogtherr, Christoph Jun 1, 2008 975
Art on the street: Manus McGrogan traces the radical posters that flowered on the walls of Paris in the spring of 1968, while a new exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London offers a chance to see them. McGrogan, Manus May 1, 2008 2192
Gustave Dore and l'annee terrible et la semaine sanglante. Small, Lisa Mar 1, 2007 6350
"In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni": Centraal Museum, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Lutticken, Sven Mar 1, 2007 1780
France's rebellious romantic. Dec 1, 2006 574
Girodet: France's Romantic Rebel. Sep 1, 2006 667
The art of Michelle Cohen. Franklin, Deeanna Sep 1, 2005 1441
Escape into nature. Hanson, Annabel F. Critical Essay Dec 22, 2004 932
The fall of Napoleon and the rise of Romanticism. Nov 1, 2003 972
Henry Matisse: paper cut-outs. Watkins, Nicholas Oct 1, 2003 1147
Impressionist still lifes make impression at MFA. (Boston). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 318
FRENCH PAINTINGS FROM MARYLAND. Bruce, Donald Sep 1, 2001 1347
Annual L.A. Modernism Expo Has a French Twist. MEYERS, LAURA Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 644
Henri Matisse: Works on Paper. PETER, CAROLYN Jul 1, 2001 1559
"PARIS STOPOVER". Bartelik, Marek Brief Article May 1, 2001 624
Paul Signac (1863-1935). Sugita, Rena Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 118
From SUN KING to ROYAL TWILIGHT. Johnson, Mark M. Sep 1, 2000 1395
CHARDIN AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY. Bruce, Donald May 1, 2000 4582
Palais Coup. ROSEN, MIRIAM Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 422
"Jean Olivier Hucleux: Retrospective 1971-1999". Schneider, Caroline Sep 1, 1999 112
"Premises: invested spaces in visual arts, architecture, and design from France, 1958-1998.". Ross, Kristin Feb 1, 1999 1580
(Pablo) Picasso's century. Leighten, Patricia Jun 22, 1998 1055
Prud'hon at the Metropolitan. Wilkin, Karen May 1, 1998 3327
Franc talk. Cuvelier, Pascaline Mar 1, 1996 1861
Ange Leccia/Jean-Luc Vilmouth. Zahm, Olivier Sep 1, 1994 359
Gilles Ehrmann. Rosen, Miriam Sep 1, 1994 611
Gotscho. Nesbitt, Lois Mar 1, 1994 438
Rare masterpieces from a hidden collection. Green, Laurence Mar 1, 1994 2303
Francoise Quardon. Rosen, Miriam Dec 1, 1993 518
From rococo to revolution - French art from Lille. Julius, Muriel Jun 1, 1993 1493
Caricature: the critical eye of Honore Daumier. McArthur, Seonaid Dec 1, 1991 1748

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