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French Army acquires transport chambers.

A French company is producing a confinement chamber for the movement of biologically contaminated patients. Two of the chambers already are in use by the French Army, and seven more have been ordered.

Applications Technologiques Avancees, of Nantes Saint Herblain, France, has produced chambers that permit medical treatment for infected patients while negating cross-contamination of the environment.

Officials are considering other uses, including the movement of "infectious patients, such as children with meningitis, serious burn cases and inter-hospital transfers of patients with immune deficiencies," a spokesman noted.

He said the chamber is made of two half shells. One supports the patients, and the upper shell has ports for multiple manipulation gloves and two airtight entry/exit systems. It has 20 airtight connections for oxygen, monitoring systems and intravenous drips.
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Title Annotation:Tech Talk
Author:Williams, Robert H.
Publication:National Defense
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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