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Freighters to Fairbanks.

Freighters to Fairbanks. The German air carrier Lufthansa German Airlines was expected to relocate its Alaska operations from Anchorage to Fairbanks by the beginning of September. The change of route stops on the airline's Europe-to-Asia service shortens flying times, reduces fuel costs and increases payload capacity by as much as 20,000 pounds per flight, according to the Fairbanks Industrial Development Corp., whose marketing department attracted the new service.

The development corporation says local purchases of goods and services to support flight operations, aircraft maintenance and cargo handling is expected to inject about $15 million per year into the Fairbanks economy. Initially, a dozen 747 cargo flights are anticipated weekly. Says Dave Carlstrom, FIDC's director of airport marketing, At one time they were considering pulling out of Alaska completely, so moving; to Fairbanks will both deepen Luithansa's commitment to Alaska and strengthen the state's international airport system.'
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Title Annotation:Alaska Business Briefs; Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Publication:Alaska Business Monthly
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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