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Freedom of movement will end on October 31 in event of a no-deal Brexit; WEBCHAT.

I've said this before, being an immigrant myself. We have to work harder than the locals, usually don't get paid as much and sometimes treated unfairly. Yes, you'll always get scroungers but that's the Government's fault, as it is with the hundreds of thousands of white, British lazy gits who have never worked or contributed. Sort them out too, make them work for their benefits and that will benefit society.

Jerican Sounds fair enough. I guess no one moaning about this has been or will ever go to Australia. If you are going to complain about this article don't ever think of going to Australia where the rules are tough, fantasticly so actually. #bringonbrexit ivorwelsh Every action has a reaction. It will be interesting to see what this means for UK nationals living and working in the EU and for future generations - auf wiedersehen pet? SoBold If we prevent EU citizens who are lawfully working in this country from returning after they have perhaps just been home to see mum for a few days then a lot of our services are going to be in serious trouble. Also UK citizens who are currently living in EU countries will also have problems as several countries have said they will have rights to remain only if we give their citizens right to remain. Cue, increased shortage of nurses, care workers, etc and increased numbers of geriatric sun-tanned returnees needing support!

Sgiwen Whatever happens with Brexit people will be upset be they nationals, immigrants or even tourists. Nothing ever goes so smooth that everyone wins. Smokie720 I thought it'd be a cold day in hell before I ever agreed with an utterance of Commie Corbyn, but he has said this: "The Labour leader said that the very latest confidential 'Operation Yellowhammer' reports should be shared to allow the public and businesses to see for themselves the state of Whitehall preparations for leaving the EU without a deal on October 31."

You have to ask yourself, what is in those reports that the Government wants kept secret in advance of an almost certain general election? Stevenboyd "Millions of legal citizens will have their lawful status removed overnight". Maybe, but they've had plenty of notice. If someone stands next to a bomb and watches as it counts down to zero, it's their own fault for getting out of there. Dungeonmistress Plenty of notice of what? I know several honest, hardworking and tax-paying people from EU countries who've lived here for years and they still haven't been told what's happening. Different politicians have been saying different things for the last three years. Most of them are just making it up as they go along because even THEY don't know. sheriffbart They've known since 16 June, 2016, exactly what's happening!!!!!!!!! Pete39 Pete. If they've known and by extension you've known, why the need for a headline grabbing announcement? We've gone from a sensible 'let's not hurt the kids divorce' to 'I've cut up your clothes and the CDs' divorce. I can see you are chomping at an opportunity to get one over on the Europeans but you don't need to pretend that all this has been certain. As you know we've moved from an orderly Brexit government to a disorderly Brexit government - things have changed under Pfeffel.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 21, 2019
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