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Freedom of Choice Act.

Our Catholic bishops surely should know better than to heed Internet rumors that are spread in order to frighten American Catholics. Many of us were subjected to scare tactics of how, if passed, the Freedom of Choice Act would mean the end of Catholic hospitals. To avert that, we were told to go to the social hall after Mass and get a postcard to send to our representatives in Washington.

This kind of action can only further erode the credibility of our bishops. They should have learned something from the election. They tried to paint Obama as an abortionist during the campaign, but Catholics voted for him anyway, knowing that he does not encourage abortions.

Our bishops have been concerned with abortion for so many years that it sometimes seems they think that is the only evil in the world. Never mind about unjust wars, poverty, lack of health care, and poor education, as well as the greed and abuse of power that exist in our country and around the world. Just don't vote for anyone or anything that does not specifically condemn abortion. Or maybe it's not about abortion at all, but simply an attempt to impose authority over their "flocks," the poor sheep that we are.


Brandon, Fla.
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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Fuchs, Lucy
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
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Date:Mar 6, 2009
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