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Freedom from all this nonsense.

It really is amazing what some people's definition of a "free society" appears to cover!

According to JTD of Blaydon, it is freedom for smokers (who are a minority of the population) to disperse their cancer-carrying fumes whenever and wherever they choose, and for non-smokers having the freedom to put up with it or stay in their own home. Some freedom of choice!

Alongside are the freedom-loving foxhunters, another minority group of the whole nation, hell-bent on enforcing their lifestyle on all and sundry. They give us the freedom to put up with a pack of hounds and horses chasing an animal then watching it being torn to pieces, smearing the blood on children's foreheads as a sign of their first kill, and giving us the freedom to put up with it even if it turns our stomachs. There's little doubt they would have taken part in hounding the miners during their strike too.

RACHEL DAVISON, Trinity Close, North Shields.

Cadets were badly treated

MAY I congratulate the Evening Chronicle on the recent article Cadets Booted Out Of The Airport, which highlighted the disgraceful way in which the airport authority treated Newcastle Airport 733 squadron of the Air Training Corps, after 43 years in residence.

I am proud to have had a long association with the ATC, which has an enviable history and reputation in influencing and shaping the lives of young people.

Surely a community-based asset such as a regional airport ought to be proud to have an ATC squadron within their vast acreage. By removing 733 squadron from their small site, the airport management has shown a contemptible meanness and has abandoned principle for profit.

Is there no authority who will bring pressure to bear upon this airport management in defence of a long-established and worthwhile community asset?

JOHN WOOD, Darras Hall, Ponteland.

Thanks for your kindness

I AM writing to thank all the people for their kindness and help given to my father on Saturday, November 6, when he collapsed at the Haymarket Metro Station while selling poppies for the British Legion. I thank you all very much.

M CUMMINGS, Fenham, Newcastle.

An accident in the making

I WOULD like to appeal to all drivers in the east end of Newcastle and Wallsend about traffic control changes made by Newcastle City and North Tyneside Councils on new traffic control and road marking measures. First the junction of Wallsend High Street and Station Road now has a system of lights displaying turn left for 40 seconds and then a full green light for ahead and turn right. Priority has not been made for drivers in the way of lane markings for this. This is confusing and I believe it will lead to an accident.

Secondly, the traffic control system at the new Newcastle shopping park is also confusing, with the left-hand lane on both sides of the shopping park indicating straight ahead and the right hand lane displaying turn right. Drivers get confused here and again I foresee an accident. Come on North Tyneside and Newcastle, get your act together!

SKM, Wallsend.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 4, 2004
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