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Free rust guide.

NCH Europe has created a guide outlining the facts and figures of rust. The guide is being offered as a free download to raise awareness of the risks posed by rust and corrosion across industrial sectors. The infographic can be downloaded directly from the NCH Europe website.

Rust is a serious problem to applications across all industries, from infrastructure on building and construction sites to general manufacturing equipment. However, while the effects of corrosion are widely recognised, there are misconceptions about common causes and the best methods of treatment.

An understanding of the conditions and environments that exacerbate corrosion can enable maintenance engineers to choose the most suitable product for their application. Choosing the right treatment can be difficult due to the varying characteristics of rust treatment solutions, from high temperature resistance to pH neutrality.

"Most businesses consider rust more of a nuisance than a problem," explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "As a result, they employ a reactive approach to dealing with issues as they arise instead of preventing them in the first place."

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Date:Nov 1, 2016
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