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Free of spying eyes; LETTER FROM THE PAST.

I FIND it most deplorable that Birmingham City Police Force intends to introduce a Peeping Tom in the form of a radar trap on the city roads. Surely if they require a robot as their eye, a machine instead of the human brain, then an unwise state of affairs has been reached. Either the police are incapable of catching the wrongdoer, or the wrongdoers are genuises, only to be caught by complicated computers.

With regard to speeding, as with any other offence, is it not true that man's moral upbringing should regulate his infringement of the law - that is if he regards the law as an intelligent one? What of buses that exceed 30mph? Are they to be apprehended, too? In court, will the arresting officer say: "It's a fair catch: the machine cannot lie. Here is the maker's guarantee of efficiency."

Freedom from continual observation is ranked high on a democracy and when it is killed then true democracy is dead.

C J Phillips, Kings Heath Birmingham Mail, July 12, 1962
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 29, 2011
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