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Free ensemble not authorized.


Flight crews, there's lots of talk going on about what types of aviation clothing can be worn. If you've heard that the fire resistant environmental ensemble (FREE) can be worn in lieu of the army aviation combat uniform (A2CU) flight suit, you heard wrong!

The FREE has not been authorized as a stand-alone flight uniform. FREE is only being issued to deploying Soldiers.

If you are deploying and have been issued the FREE, you can wear the FREE with the A2CU but not instead of the A2CU.

Make a note that the FREE will be available through regular supply channels sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.

Because the FREE is not yet available, you can order the aviation cold weather clothing system (ACWCS). Here are NSNs you can use. The items can be requisitioned from DOD EMALL.
Item * NSN 8415-

Flyers jacket 01-394-3513 (s)
Flyers jacket liner 01-394-3816 (s)
Overalls 01-111-5020 (s)
Coat liner 01-448-4250 (s)
Nome * drawers 00-467-4075 (s)
Nomex undershirt 00-485-6547 (s)

* Make a note that "s" indicates
multiple NSNs for various sizes. And
note that some items are green or tan
and are authorized to wear.
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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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