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Free encryption software.

Steganos has released its first freeware application, LockNote. The software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), so that the open source community can use and build upon Steganos's source code.

Available to download from the Steganos website. LockNote looks like a normal text editor and works in the same way, with the small difference that it can only be opened using the correct password. Data entered into LockNote is automatically encrypted when the application is closed.

LockNote uses the worlds leading international standard encryption algorithm: 256-bit AES. This algorithm has never been cracked.

The program and data are stored in a single file and there is no need to install the software. The 300KB program can be downloaded, run and then used as a text editor. The user provides a password to secure the data. Next time LockNote is opened, the user just needs to enter the chosen password to open the file. This provides access to sensitive notes, passwords, access codes, addresses, telephone numbers, URLs--in short, anything that a normal text file could contain. It is also possible to convert an existing text file into a LockNote.

The user can decide how many LockNotes to use and where they are stored. They can be created in unlimited quantities and can be sent by email.

LockNote can be stored on and run from USB keys, so that data can be secure but readily accessible while on the move. Important addresses, customer data and telephone numbers, for example, can be transported in this way.

The data can be accessed by connecting the USB key to a computer, running LockNote and providing the correct password.

LockNote is available to download at:
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Title Annotation:Security
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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