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Free SilverStream eXtend JEDDI registry. (Internet Focus - Products).

SilverStream has released a free developer edition of SilverStream extend JEDDI (Java Enterprise Discovery, Description and Integration) to encourage developers to discover the benefits of UDDI for publishing, managing and sharing Web Services internally across development projects.

eXtend JEDDI, currently available in beta, is an open implementation of the UDDI vl.0 specification and can be used for public Web Services development and testing as well as private UDDI deployments. It includes administration tools, core data, and optional test data to help developers get started quickly with UDDI.

The solution comes with sample business data for testing (UDDI clients), and features a Web-based administration tool that offers:

* User group administration to determine limits for how many businesses, services, bindings and models (service type definition) can be published per user

* The ability to trace incoming and outgoing messages

* An error log and the ability to track performance eXtend JEDDI is standards-based and can be used flexibly on a variety of platforms. Its server agent executes in J2EE application servers including the SilverStream extend Application Server (3.7.4 and higher) and Apache Tomcat (3.7 and 4.0), and can be precompiled and repackaged using the SilverStream extend Workbench to support BEA WebLogic, IBM WebShpere, Oracle 9iAS and others. In addition, eXtend JEDDI supports a variety of databases including Oracle 8i, IBM DB2 v.7, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Informix Cloudscape 3.6 and Sybase Adaptive Server v.6
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Publication:Software World
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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