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Free Samples of Mirus Bio Transfection Reagents from MoBiTec for Customers in Germany.

Goettingen, Germany, July 05, 2017 --( Mirus Corporation was founded in Madison Wisconsin in 1995 by Jon A. Wolff, James E. Hagstrom, and Vladimir G. Budker. Mirus focused on developing innovative non-viral gene delivery technologies for gene therapy applications. These innovations also served as the basis for the company's transfection formulations and nucleic acid labeling and conjugation chemistries.

Nowadays, Mirus Bio is the leading manufacturer of transfection reagents for chemical and/or electroporation delivery of DNA, RNA, siRNA, miRNA, and other nucleic acids. Animal-free products are available for viral production, and labeling chemistry is available to track delivery of nucleic acids.

The TransIT[R] Transfection Reagents are ideal for delivering all types of nucleic acids, including: DNA, siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, viral RNA, CRISPR/Cas9 components, and oligonucleotides to eukaryotic cells. Each reagent provides high-efficiency transfection while exhibiting low cellular toxicity, enabling the acquisition of physiologically relevant data and preservation of the transfected cell population.

Request a sample from MoBiTec GmbH (for customers in Germany only)

All of the TransIT[R] transfection reagents can be used for reverse transfections with the following general recommendations based on the nucleic acid to be delivered. All of these are broad-spectrum formulations are chemically distinct. Depending on the cell type being transfected, one reagent may have superior performance over others; for cell-type specific recommendations, please contact us.

Available Samples: Mirus/MoBiTec consider sample requests for up to three different transfection products and one electroporation product per laboratory. Please include all samples to be tested in a single request.

Trans[R] Broad Spectrum DNA, siRNA/miRNA, and CRISPR/Cas9 Transfection Reagents:

- Trans-X2[R] Dynamic Delivery System

Trans[R] Broad Spectrum DNA Transfection Reagents:

- Trans[R]-2020 Transfection Reagent

- Trans[R]-LT1 Transfection Reagent

Virus Production:

- Trans[R]-Lenti Transfection Reagent

Trans[R] Cell Line Specific DNA Transfection Reagents and Kits:

- Trans[R]-293 Transfection Reagent

- Trans[R]-BrCa Transfection Reagent

- Trans[R]-CHO Transfection Kit

- Trans-HeLaMONSTER[R] Transfection Kit

- Trans[R]-Insect Transfection Reagent

- Trans[R]-Jurkat Transfection Reagent

- Trans[R]-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent

Trans[R] Large RNA and CRISPR Guide RNA Transfection Reagent:

- Trans[R]-mRNA Transfection Kit

Trans[R] siRNA/miRNA Transfection Reagents:

- Trans-TKO[R] Transfection Reagent

- Trans-siQUEST[R] Transfection Reagent

Trans[R] Oligonucleotide Transfection Reagent:

Trans[R]-Oligo Transfection Reagent

Ingenio[R] - Electroporation Products:

- Ingenio[R] Electroporation Solution

- Trial Size Ingenio[R] Electroporation Kit for Lonza-Amaxa[R] Nucleofector[R] II/2b devices (0.2 cm cuvettes and cell droppers)

- Trial Size Ingenio[R] Electroporation Kits for all conventional electroporators, such as Bio-Rad[R] and Harvard-BTX[R] (0.4 cm cuvettes and cell droppers)

Trans-PRO[R] Transfection Reagent for Virus Production or Large-Scale Protein Production

For details and further information on this offer please contact:

About MoBiTec GmbH

MoBiTec GmbH (Goettingen, Germany) is a privately held company (founded in 1987) that offers research tools for molecular and cell biology. Products include DNA vectors for cloning and expression, cell transfection reagents and cell culture tools, immobilized and soluble enzymes, products for genomics and proteomics research, numerous antibodies and recombinant proteins, superior fluorescence reagents and kits, affinity chromatography products, as well as general laboratory equipment.

In parallel to its own product lines, MoBiTec distributes products from international companies in Germany. MoBiTec products are distributed worldwide, in Germany from their home office, in other countries by distributors.

Contact Information:

MoBiTec GmbH

Arne Schulz


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