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Rancho Sta Margarita, CA.-- Why do some lawyers get rich while others struggle to pay their bills?

The answer, according to California lawyer David M. Ward, has nothing to do with talent, education, hard work, or even luck.

"The lawyers who make the big money are not necessarily better lawyers," Ward says. "They have simply learned how to market their services."

A successful sole practitioner who at one time struggled to attract clients, Ward credits his turnaround to a referral marketing system he developed six years ago.

"I went from dead broke and drowning in debt to earning $300,000 a year, practically overnight."

Ward says that while most lawyers depend on referrals, not one in 100 has a referral system.

"Without a system, referrals are unpredictable. You may get new business this month, you may not," he says. A referral system, however, can bring in a steady stream of new clients, month after month, year after year, he notes.

"It feels great to come to the office every day knowing the phone will ring and new business will be on the line."

Ward has taught his referral system to more than 2,500 lawyers worldwide, and has written a new report, "How To Get More Clients In A Month Than You Now Get All Year!" The report shows how any lawyer can use this marketing system to get more clients, increase their income, and build a successful law practice.

Florida lawyers can get a FREE copy of this report by calling 1-800-562-4627 (a 24-hr recorded message), or visiting Ward's web site at
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Publication:Florida Bar News
Date:Aug 15, 2002
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