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Free Noisy Planet Toolkit About Noise And Hearing Loss for Preteens.

It's a Noisy Planet: Protect Their Hearing[R] offers a virtual Teacher Toolkit to guide educators in conducting presentations that teach pre-teens (grades 2-6) about the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss. This toolkit offers key resources and tools to teachers, school nurses and other educators across the country, according to information from the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders, which distributes it.

What Does the Toolkit Include?

* Presentation (approximately 45 minutes long)

* Presentation script

* Noisy Planet student activity videos and instructions.

How to Use the Toolkit?

The Noisy Planet Teacher Toolkit provides educators with materials to present to preteens in classroom or community settings:

* The presentation serves as the framework for presenting the content. Download the presentation and script from the Noisy Planet website.

* Student activity videos and instructions show you how to conduct four hands-on activities as part of the presentation. The instructions outline the materials needed, the number of student volunteers required and the estimated time for each activity.

* Free resources can be downloaded, printed or ordered. They serve as additional teaching tools to reference during presentations, and can be handed out to students to take home and share with their families and friends.

* Supplemental materials for hands-on activities can be purchased from retailers or ordered online.

For more information and to download a free toolkit, visit


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Date:Mar 1, 2019
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