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Free Maths Stuff for Schools: Our Free Maths Stuff adds up to a great takeaway.

WE'RE up and running - and how !

Ireland's biggest ever nation-wide schools promotion, Free Maths Stuff for Schools, is adding up to one of the most resounding successes ever.

From Donegal to Dingle and Dublin to Cork thousands of school children are on the trail of millions of tokens that will help build maths resources in schools of all sizes across the country.

Yes, it is the biggest giveaway Irish schools have ever seen and already thousands of tokens have been collected and counted, ready to be exchanged for some fantastic maths equipment.

In the coming months, the Irish Mirror, in association with McVitie's Biscuits and KP Snacks, will be giving away millions of pounds worth of free maths stuff, from computers to games, books, calculators and protractors.

And how you've reacted all over the country as you set out on the trail of those valuable tokens for this amazing scheme which was aimed at helping youngsters in 4,100 primary and secondary schools in Ireland.

Free Maths Stuff for Schools has the wholehearted support of teachers and educationalists including the National Teachers Organisation and the Irish Mathematical Teachers Association.

Or as Michael Conaty, headmaster of St Michael's National School, Ballyhaise, Co Cavan, put it: "The Irish Mirror and the other organisers are to be commended for what they are doing.

"We really appreciate what your paper is doing and so do other teachers nationwide.

"Now it is time for us to pull our socks up and do a little better in the coming months. We must rally the troops to collect as many tokens as possible so that our school can benefit as much as possible."

Or as Joe Duffy, presenter of RTE Radio 1 Liveline show said: "I'm obsessed with maths, always was.

"I got an A in my Leaving Certificate and I'm actually reading a book at present call the History of the Number Zero.

"I really think maths is vital in everyone's education.

"I was very lucky that I was always obsessed with figures.

"I've already taught our chidren, the triplets, to count to well over 10 and they're still only four.

"I would certainly encourage anything that helps our children become good at maths."

One school that has received a terrific boost is St Michael's National School, New Town, Borris, Co Carlow, after 2nd class student, Sarah Doyle, 8, handed over a staggering 5,000 bonus tokens she won in a competition.

Headmistress Ellen Briggett said: "Sarah deserves great credit for what she has done.

"It really has been an amazing boost for our school.

"It was a tremendous bonus for our little school and, of course, it gave the other children a great boost.

"We hope to get some terrirfic maths stuff for schools and will be studying the catalogue very carefully to pick the stuff we want."

Over 160 schools are taking part in Dublin alone and nationwide the figure is well over 1,200.

As comedienne June Rodgers put it : "Maths are important to everyone and the younger you start the better.

"Free Maths Stuff for Schools is a great idea and the youngsters should be encouraged to collect the tokens and receive some great equipment for their schools."

And there is plenty to collect.

Since last October, and running until June this year, on a straightforward token basis millions of tokens will appear on all of Ireland's best loved McVitie's biscuits and cakes and favourite KP snacks.

And to add to the terrific campaign the Irish Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People will continue to print several million tokens that will be in daily or weekly in your favourite newspapers.

Pupils, parents, grans, granddads and even neighbours have all got in on the act to help collect these valuable tokens for their local schools.

For all age groups are catered for from number cards for primary school children to maths dictionaries and computers for more advanced students in secondary schools.

And the joy of the project is that there really is something for everybody, which makes collecting and choosing from the catalogues so much easier.

So cut out today's token and keep collecting for FREE maths equipment for schools.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 5, 2000
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