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Free Maths Stuff For Schools: To sum up: thank you very much.

ASCHOOL down on its token tally would like to say a big thank you to generous Mirror readers.

Little Heath School, in Romford, Essex, had only 190 Free Maths Stuff coupons when it was featured in The Mirror last year. Its teachers were worried they would not get many tokens because their pupils all have special needs. So they appealed to our readers for help - and you did them proud.

More than 3,000 tokens have poured in from all over Britain.

"Everybody's been brilliant," says teacher Janice Oughton. "We really can't thank people enough.

"We feared we wouldn't get enough tokens for even the smallest items. But then envelopes stuffed full of them began arriving through our door.

"Now we are aiming for the top and determined to get the computer."

They are on target to get our state-of-the-art Time Education 466 PC which "costs" 50,000 tokens, or half that amount and pounds 250.

The welcome boost from outside has encouraged all Little Heath's 145 pupils, who are aged from 11-18.

"They love opening up the letters and reading them. It makes them realise people do care," Janice says.

"Pensioners have sent us Christmas cards with tokens inside. We even had one from a prisoner in jail.

"The teachers have been really touched by the response.

"It's even been helping the pupils' maths because they have had to count all the tokens that have come in."
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Title Annotation:Competition/Offers
Author:Fisher, Lorraine
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 7, 2000
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