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Free Java-based Tool Kit lets Netizens add virtual world to Web site in minutes.

ARCADIA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 27, 1997--

Visitors can chat with no downloading, no fees, no hassle

U&I Interactive Inc. is making the first version of its U&I Tool Kit, which lets anyone add avatars and chat to any site on the Internet, available free of charge from the company's Web site at .

Called U&I Tool Kit-Personal Edition, the open-standards, Java-based software loads in minutes, is fully customizable and requires no previous programming experience.

U&I's Tool Kit takes full advantage of Java's functionalities, including allowing the user to immediately integrate third-party applets, plug-ins and intelligent robots and to create resusable programmable objects and sound in an interactive 2.5-D graphical environment.

Once the software is in place, visitors can access U&I-enabled sites with most popular browsers and wit or client software downloading is required! laborative thought," explained Yichin Lee, managit-Personal Edition and follow the simple, men. U&I's set of authoring tools, which can also be downloaded from the site free of charge, allow for greater artistic control in creating the look and feel of virtual duals, small businesses and large corporations, as well as developers and original content providers.

All sites using U&I software will be able to register with l travel with them.

U&I Interactive is ofrove the product before the company introduces onal Edition will support unlimited visitors talking on a single site at the same time. The avatars -- from a Hindu word that means a god appearing in bodily form on earth -- move in a 2.5-D environment.

Visitors to a U&I-enabledhout the confusing complexity or bandwidth requirements of 3-D. Avatars can also jump from spot to spot within the site.

Conversation between site visitors occurs boers chatting, by choosing a "hide" option.

support the server software in the U&I Tool Kit-Personal Edition, U&I Interactive will host a user's own room linked to their Web page for 90 days free or until Julyte at or contact U&I via s headquarters at 805 West Duarte Road, Suite 10ghes, 310/78 5-0515 ext. 231/204


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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 27, 1997
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